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Great Ideas for Father's Day Fitness

Jun 15, 2016

This year, for Father’s Day, your mind is probably going in a million different directions as far as a gift for the dad in your life. Go online and you’ll be flooded with gift ideas of all kinds. Cologne, polo shirts, and grilling accessories are all great ways to show Dad how much he means to you, right? Or… maybe not. What about giving Dad a gift of exercise and health for Father’s Day? Exercise is already firmly planted in your head as a worthwhile endeavor – you look better, feel better, and even think more clearly when you’re in a regular fitness routine. Wouldn’t it be the same for the dad in your life? Whether the guy is a spry, active pickle ball enthusiast, or is slightly less energetic, exercising with your dad can be a worthwhile endeavor for the both of you. Need a few ideas? We’ve got them.

  • Remember those I.O.U. coupons you used to gift your parents with for holidays? You know – the little construction paper creations that, in uneven letters, promised a clean car, a breakfast in bed, or a day of no bickering? This Father’s Day, what if you bring back this “gift of yore” with some healthy I.O.U.’s of your own (and maybe, this time, actually follow through on them. You know, unlike the promise of “I’ll keep my room clean for a month” when you were ten)? Promise Dad that the two of you will take three walks a week for two months. Or an easy bike ride a week for a year. The win-win factor in this is clear – exercising with your dad means more quality time with him, and better fitness for you both.
  • Invite the dad in your life to your Fitness Together studio for a few sessions with a trainer. Trainers are experts in increasing fitness, no matter where the starting point is. Plus, isn’t it always fun to introduce our parents to the important parts of our lives?
  • Try something new together. Always been curious about martial arts? Want to get back into yoga? Have been dying to release your inner Katniss and try archery, “Hunger Games” style? Despite the fact that there is a dizzying number of sports and activities available to try, we tend to stay in our exercise comfort zone. Check online to see what your local recreation center has it offer as it can be a great resource to view different options for classes. Plus, starting at the same beginner level with something new will help you both to feel the same level of confidence and excitement.
  • Why not even add a little fitness into this Sunday’s celebration? Whether it’s a stroll through the neighborhood, some basketball free-throw practice with the little ones, or a walk around a lake to watch the ducks, some activity will be a nice way to break up the customary holiday cycle of eating, talking, and eating some more, until everyone feels tired and overstuffed.

While your dad is an old pro at helping you learn the important things in life, it might be time to teach him a thing or two about how to live a happier, healthier life. And with you by his side as you exercise together, you’ll be helping to ensure many more, happier Father’s Days.


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