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Five Healthy Side Dishes You Can Take to a Holiday Potluck

Dec 12, 2018

With holiday party season in full swing, you’re bound to be attending at least one potluck, where more than likely you'll need to bring a dish to share. And if you’re trying to stick to your health and wellness goals throughout this busy time of year, it’s up to you to make sure you always have something good to eat on hand at parties. That’s why we think it’s smart to bring a healthy side dish to any get-together, so you always have some feel-good options.

These five recipes feature veggies and tasty substitutions and are a welcome addition to any festive dinner table.

Healthy sweet potato casserole: While the idea of a casserole doesn't always elicit the thought of healthy, this sweet potato casserole is gluten free, egg free, vegetarian and gets its flavor from almond milk, Greek yogurt and of course, sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are full of antioxidants, to help keep your body running smoothly, and they also promote healthy brain function. (

Honey glazed baby carrots: This super simple recipe, which takes only 15 minutes to make, is sure to be a crowd pleaser, full of flavor from all-natural honey and just a bit of sugar too. Carrots are not only an exciting bright color to add to the dinner table, but they also have valuable vitamin A, which supports your immune system and eyesight too. (

Simple vegan stuffing: This super easy-to-make stuffing recipe includes lentils for some extra protein and can be served warm or cold. It’s made with only nine ingredients, with nothing artificial — a far cry from the processed and boxed variety of stuffing you usually find in stores. (

Honey mustard Brussels sprouts slaw: With cranberries, toasted almonds and home-made honey mustard dressing, this salad is gluten free and hearty enough to stand as a side dish or even as its own meal if you have some leftovers to take for lunch the next day. This would be the perfect complement to a ham or turkey main course too. Brussel sprouts are high in vitamin K, which supports healthy bones, and they also have a lot of beneficial fiber. (

Crispy baked zucchini fries: Everybody loves fries. But not everybody loves the way they feel after eating fatty unhealthy fries. But these veggie-based baked “fries” are low in calories and high in taste, and of course, feature zucchini at the base. Zucchinis are rich in B vitamins, which give you energy and improve your mood. (

Remember, the holidays are not a time to start a new diet or worry about being perfect with what you eat. But you can always strive to sneak in extra veggies and choose healthier options most of the time. Happy cooking!


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