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Five Healthy Side Dishes You Can Take to a BBQ This Summer

Jun 19, 2019

When the weather heats up in the summertime, it’s a great chance to gather with your friends and family to enjoy good food, company and sunshine. Typical barbecue fare isn’t always the healthiest, so take it upon yourself to contribute at least one lighter side dish to the party that has just as much taste as the unhealthy version.

We’ve rounded up five healthy side-dish recipes that not only scream summer, but also have valuable nutrients …

Guacamole deviled eggs - Packed with protein from the eggs and heart-healthy fats from the avocado, this deviled egg recipe with a twist will be a crowd favorite. It takes less than 10 minutes to make, and the avocado-based green egg filling is festive and eye-catching. Find the recipe here:

Grilled peaches and cherries - Fresh fruit is tasty, but grilled fresh fruit is on another level. This simple recipe featuring peaches and cherries can be eaten as a sweet side dish, or topped with ice cream for a dessert. The peaches offer antioxidants and minerals, while the cherries are good for helping your body recover from tough workouts with their anti-inflammatory properties. Find the recipe here:

Grilled zucchini roll recipe with goat cheese, roasted peppers and capers - Roll-ups aren’t just for kids. These grilled zucchini rolls are refined, yet full of healthy ingredients and are easy to make too. You’ll get valuable protein from the goat cheese, antioxidants from the red peppers and energy from the B-vitamin-rich zucchini. Find the recipe here:

Southwest roasted potato salad - If the term “potato salad” concerns you, you’re not alone. But this take on potato salad is void of mayo, and instead uses healthy-fat-filled olive oil as a base with potatoes, corn, bell peppers, green onions and even dill. Find the recipe here:

Avocado strawberry and spinach salad with poppyseed dressing - Salad doesn’t have to be boring, and this summer-inspired salad recipe most certainly is not. Its chock full of powerhouse ingredients like spinach, which is a great source of iron, calcium and magnesium — as well as strawberries, which are full of vitamin C and antioxidants to keep you healthy and happy. Find the recipe here:

Happy eating!


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