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Five Healthy Beach-Friendly Recipes

Aug 21, 2019

Spending a sunny day at the beach with friends and family (or even solo) is such a relaxing thing to do during the summer. Slather on the sunscreen, bring an umbrella and arm yourself with healthy homemade food, so you can keep up your energy and feel good about what you’re putting in your body too.

Here are our five-favorite beach-friendly recipes for the summer:

Spicy kale chips — Snacking on a salty chip goes so well with sitting in a beach chair, but you don’t have to buy a bag of unhealthy store-bought processed chips to be satisfied. Try making these incredibly easy spicy kale chips in the oven and transport them to the beach with you for a crunchy snack. You can eat the whole bag and load up on vitamins from the kale (known as one of the most nutrient-dense veggies on the planet) while nourishing your body with nothing but clean ingredients. Get the recipe here.

Avocado cucumber sushi roll — Have you ever made sushi at home? Now’s your chance, with this simple recipe featuring brown rice, sushi, cucumber, parsley and the star ingredient, avocado. The brown rice provides a healthy carb, the mango provides a refreshing sweetness, while the avocado provides healthy fat. Get the recipe here.

Turkey taco salad in a jar — Mason jar salads don’t just look pretty, they are also super convenient for eating on the go. That’s why we think this jar recipe, featuring lean turkey, lots of veggies, black beans and healthy olive oil is a perfect beach picnic lunch. Don’t forget a fork. Get the recipe here.

Rainbow fruit skewers with honey almond dipping yogurt — Colorful fruit skewers are not only hydrating, rich with taste and healthy too, but they are also fun to eat and perfect for sharing with friends and family while you’re sitting on a beach blanket. This simple recipe calls for several types of fruits and a naturally sweetened Greek yogurt full of protein for dipping. Get the recipe here.

Vegetarian black bean and hummus wrap — The wrap is an excellent vessel for a sandwich on the go and typically is a much healthier option too. This particular beach-friendly wrap recipe features protein-filled black beans and hummus, as well as nutrient-rich bell peppers and spinach. Get the recipe here.

Before you head to the beach, make sure you check out our sun safety tips in this post too. Have fun!


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