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Fatigue Busted! Get Moving to Beat this Beast

Mar 22, 2016

“I am way too tired to exercise.” Those words are SO familiar. In the moment, when you decide to pull on pajamas instead of your workout clothes and reach for the hot chocolate instead of your water bottle, the idea seems like the right thing to do – the very perfect solution for your fatigue. However, as illogical as it may sound, it’s likely that a heartrate-raising, muscle-pumping workout may be just the boost your energy level needs.

One reason that a high-energy workout is an effective fatigue-zapper is that this type of exercise stimulates big-time growth in our mitochondria (think: our body’s energy factories). More exercise literally produces more energy. Conversely, a decline in exercise will lead to mitochondria actually dying off, leading to a lower overall energy level. Vigorous exercise also raises our metabolism for hours after our workout is finished, which means that our bodies stay revved up and working, long after we’ve stretched and showered.

Also, let’s face it. Completing a difficult work-out, cheered along by the tough-love encouragements of the Fitness Together® personal trainers, feels AMAZING. Aside from feeling incredibly strong, the confidence gained from seeing the impressive things your body is capable of will definitely put an extra spring in your step. This feel-good moment isn’t all in your head – or is it? Nope, here is the science: exercise is a known booster of serotonin, which is a chemical in your brain that is often dubbed the “feel good” neurotransmitter. Healthy, high levels of serotonin can bring about feelings of happiness, well-being, and can promote a good night’s sleep. Serotonin also helps regulate your appetite, sleep and memory. In fact, a deficiency of this highly important internal chemical can lead to increased feelings of depression and fear. A healthy bout of sweat-producing get-off-that-couch movement can keep your serotonin levels, and many other functions of your brain, right where they need to be.

The beauty of getting this incredible energy-boosting workout at Fitness Together is that after you’ve done your part to keep your body and brain healthy, you’ll still have time to knock out the rest of your to-do list. The boost of energy you’ve just gotten from your sweat spree will make those other chores and errands seem much less burdensome. And, because your serotonin levels just got pumped through the roof, you’ll smile all the while.


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