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Don’t Let Your Past Keep You From a Fit Future

Jan 25, 2017

“Exercise? Me? Nah, I can’t because of __________.” How do you fill in that blank?

“I’m too overweight.”

“I have an old injury.”

“I have a heart condition.”

“My back/knee/ankle/head hurts.”

“I’m too uncoordinated or unfit.”

“I’m not in as good of shape as I used to be.”

“I have body/emotional/self-confidence issues.”

There are a thousand more reasons why so many people tell themselves that they should not, or cannot, exercise. At your first consideration of working out, does your brain start buzzing at lightning speed, coming up some VERY good excuses as to why today’s just not a good day to sweat?

The truth is that the painful areas of your past or present self are extremely powerful, persuasive, and often detrimental, forces in your life. Another truth, this one ironic, is that nearly every reason you can drum up for why you shouldn’t exercise, is actually a huge reason for why you should exercise.

Interested in learning how to break through whatever issues from your past or mental barriers you have that might be standing in the way between you and your best, and fittest, self?

  1. Name and claim them. Taking your fears or limitations from your head onto paper or speaking them to a trusted listening ear can help you to put them into perspective. Sure, you might be thinking that your extra 60 pounds or injured knee are exercise deal-breakers, but letting the words out into the open can help you think more clearly about them. Doing this can also help you to validate what you’re feeling, and be able to move forward, past the issue. We tend to blow things up to monumental size and importance in our heads, but as soon as we speak the words to someone else, they can get a little deflated. Tip: Make sure you’re speaking or writing about them in order to take away their power, and NOT to perpetuate and ruminate.
  2. Little by little. It’s all about achievable chunks. Sure, you may not be able to run a 7-minute mile like you used to, but you can certainly start with strengthening certain muscle groups. Even with an injury it’s possible to set and reach fitness goals.
  3. Pay attention to your intake. What are you reading? What are you eating? What are you listening to? You know the saying, “garbage in, garbage out?” What we ingest turns into what we feel, think, and say. Choose healthy food with plenty of good fats, colorful produce, and lean protein. Choose empowering and uplifting reading material. And choose to have healthy interactions with those around you. Health begets health.
  4. Pride-proof yourself. Even if you’re a former athlete, you still have things to learn and ways to grow regarding fitness. Your trainer at Fitness Together can help you to see your fitness ability, and this stage in your life, in a new and inspiring way. Leave any embarrassment, shame, inhibitions, and issues from your past at the door, and just come in to get healthier.

Whatever injuries or issues lie in your past or present, it’s up to you to not let these things determine your days to come. You can have a fit and healthy future, and we can help you get there.
No matter what.


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