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Does Your Fitness Need a Little Spring Cleaning?

Apr 26, 2017

If you listen to Martha Stewart, right now is the time to wash your window screens and wipe down walls and ceilings. If you listen to your grandmother, right now is the time to polish your silver and dust your china cabinet shelves. And if you listen to us? We say that right NOW is the time to give your workout routine a big dose of spring cleaning.

Just like in our closets and garage, we can accumulate “stuff” that we don’t need in how we think about our health. We can hang onto random pieces of advice doled out by online experts, TV gurus, or friends of friends. We amass supplements and superfoods by the dozen, pegging hope on each one that it will be “the” thing to turn our health around. We hang onto old habits and hang-ups, some of which prevent us from living our healthiest life. And before we know it, we’re knee-deep in excess fitness STUFF littering and impeding our best intentions.

You already know that when you clean out a closet or organize cupboards you feel AMAZINGLY light, free, and satisfied. The same thing can happen when you pare down to the necessary basics in your fitness life.

  • Take stock of what has been successful, what has been enjoyable, and what has served very little purpose. Did you, for example, try to jump on board with rollerblading, and now have shelves devoted to pads, roller blades, and helmets? Or did your juice-fasting result in little more than you now having way less cupboard space thanks to your juicer? Do you have supplements that are now slowly all making their way to expiration, and you have little to show for their purchase? If something has been healthy, worthwhile, and effective, then keep those tools around. Otherwise? It’s “Catch you later, cleanse”, “Sayonara, shake weight ,” and “Adios, Ab roller.” See, don’t you feel better already?
  • Spice it up a little. Part of your fitness spring cleaning might involve mixing up your exercise routine a little. If you’ve been in the exact same fitness routine for more than a few months, then it’s definitely time to shake things up. Not only does the same-ol’, same ol’ get mind-numbingly dull, but your body can start to become less affected by your exercise.


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