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Daily Habits for a Healthier You

Jul 7, 2021

When you’ve got big goals, it can be tempting to make big changes to move the needle. Big changes, however, can be difficult to make and even more difficult to sustain. When a lifestyle overhaul becomes overwhelming, going back to your old habits, and leaving your goals behind can feel like a really attractive solution.

A stronger strategy would be to identify some healthy (and manageable!) habits and incorporate them into your life. When they start to feel like second nature, add a few more. Before you know it, you’ll have added a whole host of healthy habits that are working together to get you closer to your goals.

Everybody is different and their goals and solutions will be too! To find what works for you, remain open to new ideas, try things, keep what works and let go of what doesn’t. Here are a few easy-to-adopt healthy habits to start your thinking.

Eat breakfast. This healthy habit jump starts your metabolism and supplies energy for a happy, healthy, active day! To make this habit even healthier, think about lean proteins, carbohydrates, and fresh fruits. Sugars and fatty proteins can slow you down, just when you want to get moving.

Make Healthy Substitutions. Love snacks but want to get healthier? An “eat this, not that” approach can really help! Switching in air-popped popcorn for chips, seltzer for soda, and grapes for candy can make a big difference over time.

Practice Body Positivity. There may be things about your body that you’d like to improve, but chances are your body takes pretty good care of your day in and day out. Instead of focusing on the parts of your body that bother you, give your body credit for what it does well. You may find yourself feeling better about your body which can boost your confidence, make you more willing to take care of yourself, and make you happier overall. So go ahead, love the skin you’re in!

Keep moving, even if it’s only taking a quick daily walk. In addition to helping you meet your fitness goals, studies show that movement benefits your muscles, bones, joints, brain, and lungs. So keep moving even if it's only a casual walk. You can burn calories, lower your blood sugar, strengthen your heart, ease joint pain, boost your immunity, improve your mood and extend your life. All you need are a few spare minutes, good shoes, and a safe place to walk. Many people feel the benefits both instantly and over time.

Think positive! Studies show that making positivity and gratitude a daily habit can boost mental wellness, strengthen relationships, increase optimism and give you a general sense of wellbeing. Gratitude journals, affirmations, community service, volunteerism, meditation, and prayer are great ways to get more gratitude, and some incredible benefits, into your life.

Get organized. Chaos can add stress to life and make it difficult for you to plan meals, get your workouts in and do all the other things that will help you meet your health goals. Tasks like de-cluttering, minimizing your schedule, bullet journaling, and meal planning can help you get organized and start feeling the benefits right away.

Get to bed on time. To be your best you need 7-8 hours of sleep. So skip the late-night TV (and late-night snacks!) and get your beauty sleep. Sleep can help increase your productivity, boost your mood, improve your memory, increase your exercise performance and help you avoid weight gain. If you need help falling asleep, consider decreasing screen time before bed and listening to a guided meditation or other sleep sounds after you tuck yourself in.

For more healthy habits, and to help you decide which habits will bring you the best benefits, talk to your healthcare provider or personal trainer. Fitness Together® locations focus on creating environments, and programs to help you move, strengthen, and thrive - regardless of your goals, fitness level, abilities, or perceived limitations. Helping you develop healthy habits is part of our plan. For personalized recommendations, talk to your personal trainer. They’re always happy to help.


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