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What's the biggest thing you've learned since you started training at FT?

Aug 6, 2013

Jordan Grahm
FT Santa Monica

"Since I started training at FT Santa Monica the biggest thing I've learned is how following Aspire 8 and Nutrition Together yields awesome results and is fun for our clients. The clients who have the best results and the most fun are fully immersed in the program."

Josh Bate
FT East Greenwich

"The biggest thing I've learned since beginning training at Fitness Together has been to think outside the box.  My people skills have also improved. At my previous training gig I did not have to  work around injuries or even serious weight issues too often. I've learned how to adapt quickly and think on my toes when it comes to switching things up when a client needs it right away. My people skills have improved tenfold. I didn't have poor people skills before, but it's a very different situation going from a crowded gym training session to a private one-on-one session.

"I understand I am not there necessarily to be the client's friend but there is a certain trust and bond that comes along with working in such close quarters, especially when it is trying to improve one's health and life."

Pam Carthew
FT East Greenwich

"I have learned as a personal trainer that everyone needs encouragement and positive reinforcement and your full undivided attention for the 45 minutes that you work together.  No exceptions."

Vanessa Ocasio
FT Auburn

"I'm not only an FT trainer and owner of a studio; I used to be an FT client myself.  The biggest thing I've learned from being on both sides is that your journey into a fitness and wellness lifestyle does not travel on a straight-up diagonal.  In other words, there are spikes and dips.  

"Just because you were able to do 20 push-ups last week but only 15 this week does not mean you have failed or gone backwards in your progress.  It is only a confirmation that our bodies, along with our personal lives, are very complex.  

"Perhaps you didn't do the 20 push-ups because you were tired after staying up all night studying, working, or taking care of a sick child.  Perhaps you were going through lots of stress at work.  Perhaps your hormonal cycle was not at its best place.  Or, let's be honest, perhaps you had too much fun with friends the night before.

"It is important to understand that fitness levels do not progress on a straight line, no matter how disciplined you are.  

"Accept your body and listen to it.  That's the best thing I've ever learned from being an FT client and FT trainer."

Errol Chung
FT New Canaan

"All people are different and do not have the same issues.  Most people need to start out with stability exercises, not just strength."

Michael McAllister
FT Charlotte

"That results and relationships work hand in hand.  To truly create change and get results you have to know the person -- what makes them tick and what motivates them."

Matthew Gagliano
FT East Bay

"Working with a team of fitness professionals has developed my career far more than I could have done on my own. The FT Team is what makes our training and programs great!"


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