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Best Exercises for a Healthy Heart

Feb 17, 2015

February is American Heart Month and the time of year where we hone into heart health. At Fitness Together cardiovascular exercises are crucial to your regular fitness workouts. Here are a few exercises that you can do in addition to your Fitness Together workouts.

Interval Training

One of the best cardio exercises you could do to improve your heart health is interval training. The idea behind these exercises is mixing short bursts of intense exercise with longer stretches of active recovery. For example, if you’re walking or running you could walk fast or sprint for 1 minute and then walk or run at your normal speed for 3 minutes. This exercise will get your heart rate up for a short amount of time and then allow it to recover. Interval training helps you build the strength of your heart and cardiovascular system.

Total Body Fitness Workouts

It’s pretty obvious that the more muscles you work, the harder your heart is going to work. So doing exercises that use your entire body will help get your heart pumping and stronger. Swimming, cross-country skiing, hiking with poles, and rowing are all good examples of exercises that don’t have a lot of impact, but are great total body fitness workouts.

Weight Training

A lot like interval training, weight training offers your body an intense workout for a short amount of time followed by the rest. When you’re doing reps, your heart rate increases, while in between sets your heart is recovering.


Riding a bike on a regular basis is an excellent exercise. It’s low impact and uses large muscles in your legs that will help improve your cardiovascular system.
It’s important to exercise on a regular basis to make sure that your body and heart stay healthy. Explore the many fitness workouts that your local Fitness Together offers. From personal training sessions, to intense small groups, our fitness experts will help you be in the shape you have a healthy heart.


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