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Benefits of Working Out with a Buddy

Feb 24, 2015

Working out can be a very personal thing. You might be a bit hesitant to join a group or exercise with a partner. It’s natural. Everyone is nervous when it comes to their bodies and performance. Having a constant partner to workout with can actually be very beneficial.

Time Flies

Working out with a friend or family member makes the time go by. You could compare it to a watched pot doesn’t boil. When you’re working out by yourself, you constantly look at the clock. After each set of reps you look up and only just a few minutes have passed. The clock watching stops when you’re with a partner, because you’re most likely talking to your partner.

You’ll Hold Each Other Accountable

When you’re working out by yourself, it’s easy to cancel one workout; but if you cancel one, you’ll be more apt to cancel another and then another. All of sudden you’ve missed a few weeks and it’s that much harder to get back into your routine. If you have a partner, you’ll hold each other accountable. It’ll be much harder to cancel on your partner.

Schedule Together

Obviously, you’ll schedule your workouts with each other, which is actually easier than going at it alone. Think about it, if you need a babysitter perhaps you and your partner can share the babysitter or cook together before going to the workout. It’s similar to holding each other accountable; together, you’re both eliminating excuses.

Celebrate Success

When you accomplish a milestone by meeting one of your personal goals, it's much more fun to share it with someone than to celebrate alone. Of course you’ll share the success with your trainer, especially your Fitness Together trainer, but it’s different. It’s far more exciting to share your success and accomplishment with someone who has experienced the pain and triumph with you.

Of course the success of your partnership depends on your partner; make sure that your chosen workout buddy is a good fit. You know that they’ll be someone you can depend on and lean on. They’ll push you, and you’ll push them. Your local Fitness Together has plenty of small group fitness classes and personal training sessions that you and your partner can join. If you don’t have a partner, then join one of our small group fitness classes and perhaps you’ll find your new partner in training.


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