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Back to School and Back in Shape

Aug 18, 2015

As summer begins to wind down, so do the days with no routines or schedules. As you start to get your kids in their back to school routines, you should also think about getting back into your regular fitness routine. Face it - summer break probably left you with little time during the day to schedule a trip to the gym. Your kids going back to school gives you the perfect opportunity to get back into a fitness routine, and planning a consistent time of day can help you stay on track.

If you don’t have to run to the office immediately after dropping off the kids, try to fit in a workout before your day gets busy with errands and meetings. You’ll feel energized, and it offers a great chance to take a little time for yourself.

If mornings aren’t available, schedule a regular workout routine in the afternoon just before picking your kids up from school. This will help you get a little afternoon pep and have you ready to keep up with your energetic kids. Plus, you’ll have plenty of gas to run them to their after-school activities.

If you can’t find time to workout during the day, try to get up early and exercise. This is an excellent way to grab a few minutes by yourself and gear up for the hectic day. You’ll feel ready to take on the morning hustle as well as the rest of the day without interruption.

Making a workout routine part of your day is essential to a healthy lifestyle. As you are preparing your kids schedules for the beginning of school, develop your own daily workout routine. If you need guidance with your fitness routine, a personal trainer from Fitness Together will help you get on track. If you don’t have a personal trainer you can find one at


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