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7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active

Jun 23, 2015

If you have children, you can’t help but feel their excitement around this time of year. School is ending for the year and summer fun is about to begin. Before they reach for the game controllers and think about being plugged in for the summer — you need to start planning the unplugged activities.

It’s crucial for children of any age to stay active over the summer. It’s healthy for them, and it will keep them from saying, “I’m bored.” Experts say that it’s important for your kids to stay active for at least 60-minutes a day. If you’re nervous about mandating this challenge to your kids, and don’t want to hear the griping and wining about being away from the TV or gaming console — don’t worry we all hear it — here are seven ideas to help unplug your kids this summer and get them active.

Schedule Daily Unplugged Time
This is the obvious idea, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Set time limits on television and video game playing per day. When their time is up, they are done for the day.

Make Exercise a Family Affair
Kids learn by example. Rather sitting down to watch TV at night, get outside with your kids and get active. You could play a game, go for a walk or a bike ride. Let’s face it — even adults could use a little activity.

Plan Ahead
Try planning an activity. Whether it’s a daily exercise or a fund day trip, chances are if it’s planned and actually on a calendar, it will get done and not forgotten about.

Find a Day Camp
If your community has a recreation center, YMCA or Boys and Girls Club, the chances of them having summer activities are strong. There are plenty of fun summer activities that will definitely keep your kids busy and unplugged. Some programs are daily or even weekly. With a little research you may even find free programs.

Keep Your Outdoor Toys
You might find it funny, but kids can make a game out of anything. If there’s a ball, racket or puck around — they’ll play.

Get Friends Involved
Set up play dates, regardless of age. Okay, maybe if your kids are older they don’t have “play dates” but you could encourage them to play with their friends and work with other parents to help make it happen. Your kids don’t have to know if you pre-arranged a day to get the kids together.

Make it a Game
If you tell your kids to go outside, you’ll probably get a little push back. Try to think of fun activities and sell your kids on getting active. Organize games and summer activities that are fun, try scavenger hunts or have prizes for the winner.

Kids love to play video games and lounge around for the summer. If it were up to them, they’d do it ALL summer. Use these tips to unplug your kids and get them active this summer. Fitness Together promotes healthy active lifestyle for all ages. If you need a jump into an active lifestyle, contact your local Fitness Together studio to meet one of our Personal Trainers. Visit to find a studio.


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