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5 Tips to Stay Motivated for Your Summer Workout

Jul 28, 2015

It is tough to argue how wonderful summer is, but it can sabotage on your workout if you are not careful. You’ve worked so hard this year to get in shape and get your body the you want. However, when summer’s hectic schedule changes things, it is easy to lose motivation to workout. Here are a few things you can do help you stay motivated to workout over the summer.

Plan. Plan. Plan.
If you just say you are going to workout — chances are you won’t. However, if you plan a consistent time to workout and add it to your calendar and set reminders the odds of you working out are much greater. You’ll have better results with a regular routine. Plus when you’re trying to plan a trip or summer activity, you will see you already have plans to workout.

Take Your Workout Outside
It is summer, get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you are getting stuck on going inside to the gym, try taking your workout outside. Talk to your personal trainer to get exercises that are easily adaptable to outdoors.

Set Goals
If you have a goal, you’ll be more motivated to succeed. Try setting small weekly goals, as you carry out your goals, give yourself a little reward. As you meet each goal, you'll want to complete the next week’s goal even more.

Half Workouts
Try cutting your workouts in half, but increase the intensity. You could exercise 60 minutes in the winter, try 30 minutes in the summer. It is easier to schedule and offers fewer excuses. No matter how hot it is 30 minutes is doable.

Don’t Let Summer Takeover
With vacation, family gatherings, and barbecues, summer offers up a lot of temptation to get lazy and indulge yourself. It is okay to an extent, but don’t settle for the excuse, "that it is summer, I’ll get back to it next week." Odds are you will not. It’s okay to have fun and cheat a little on your diet, don’t let summer take your hard work away.

Just because summer is here; your workout should not go on vacation. Your local Fitness Together personal trainer can help keep you motivated throughout the summer. With one-on-one personal training and small group classes geared to your fitness level and goals. Find your local Fitness Together Studio at


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