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3 Tips for a Healthy and Fun Oktoberfest

Oct 15, 2015

’Tis the season for great beer, a big plate of German sausage and of course plenty of strudel. You probably think it is just another excuse to fall off the wagon and away from your healthy diet and fitness routine. Perhaps you’ll skip the annual Oktoberfest this year, before you bail on the party, check out these three ideas to make your Oktoberfest a bit healthier.

A Healthy Brat?

What’s Oktoberfest without a nice juicy brat to go along with your beer? It’s a tradition that’s been around for hundreds of years and needless to say, brats are not on the lists of foods to eat when you’re trying to stay fit. However, what if you could eat a healthier brat? It’s possible to enjoy this longstanding tradition without feeling guilty. Try Chicken Brat Sandwiches! It’s lighter and tasty. If you’re longing for Sauerkraut; try using apple slaw to coat your Chicken Brat. This is great for the party and your body.

A Lighter Beer

The highlight of any party especially when it comes to Oktoberfest. Before you set your Stein aside for this Oktoberfest, try taking a lighter approach. Try drinking a gluten-free beer or cider to help keep your party on the lighter side. At the very least try a light calorie beer. It’s Oktoberfest so we know you’ll be mixing in some heavier drafts, just take it easy and keep it light more times than not.

Healthy Strudel

Typically loaded with butter, sugar and bread crumbs, strudel is an easy way to pack on the calories. However, using a healthy dose of apples, going light on the sugar and using whole wheat bread crumbs — gives this traditional sweet treat a healthy spin.

Just because you’re watching your weight and trying to stay on your fitness plan, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the Oktoberfest fun. Try these three tips to make your Oktoberfest party a little lighter. You can find more healthy Oktoberfest ideas here. Jump into a Fitness Together® studio to keep you on track with your fitness goals. If you don’t have a personal trainer you can find one at


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