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10 Quick Workouts to Squeeze in During the Holidays

Nov 25, 2015

There’s no doubt that we are approaching the busiest time of the year. Between shopping, holiday parties, kids activities and family; how are you going to find time to get to the gym? Rather than giving up on your workout routine, try these ten workout routines that are easy to squeeze in during this hectic time of year. 

20-Minute Full-Body Workout 

Complete this circuit five times for an intense full-body workout. 

Step 1: Complete 10 Pushups 

Step 2: 1-minute of Jumping Jacks 

Step 3: 10 Spider Lunges 

Step 4: 1-minute Jumping Jacks 

Step 5: 10 Jumping Lunges

Step 6: 1-minute Jumping Jacks 

Step 7: 10 Plank Walkouts 

Rest for 45 seconds and repeat. 

Quick Total-Body Workout 

This workout will break your exercises into two circuits that work separate muscle groups. Do each exercise as fast as possible to get a good muscle and cardio workout. 

Step 1:  10 Jumping Lunges 

Step 2: 10 Spider Lunges 

Rest for two minutes and repeat for a total of 8 times. 

Step 3: 10 Pushups

Step 4: 10 Walkouts 

Rest for two minutes and repeat for a total of 8 times. 

20-Minute at Home Core Workout 

Complete this circuit 10 times to get your abs burning. Set your timer for this for a total of 20 minutes. 

Step 1: Spider Lunges 30 seconds

Rest 10 seconds 

Step 2: Side Lunges 30 seconds

Rest 10 seconds 

Step 3: Plank 30 seconds

Rest 10 seconds 

Repeat the circuit a total of 10 times for a solid 20-minute workout. 

Quick Powerful Core Workout 

Here’s another tough core workout that you can squeeze in your spare time. 

Step 1: 10 Plank Taps 

Step 2: Jumping Jacks 1 minute

Step 3: 10 Walkouts 

Step 4: Jumping Jacks 1 minute

Step 5: 10 Single-Leg Deadlifts 

Step 6: Jumping jacks 1 minute

Step 7: 10 Jumping Lunges

Rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 5 times. 

Strong Core Workout 

This is another workout that’s split into two circuits. Complete each circuit 8 times for a total core workout. 

Step 1: 10 Plank Taps 

Step 2: 10 Jumping Lunges 

Rest for two minutes and repeat eight times. 

Step 3: 10 Spider Lunges

Step 4: 10 Reverse Lunges 

Rest for two minutes and repeat eight times. 

20-Minute Upper-Body Burnout 

Complete this circuit 10 times going as fast as possible. 

Step 1: Pushups 30 seconds 

Rest 10 seconds 

Step 2: Plank Taps 30 seconds 

Rest 10  Seconds 

Step 3: Plank Walkouts 30 seconds 

Rest 10 seconds and repeat the circuit 10 times for a total upper-body workout 

Lower-Body Power Workout 

Part A 

Step 1: 10 Squat Jumps 

Step 2: 10 Side Lunges 

Rest and repeat this circuit 8 times. 

Part B 

Step 3: 10 Jumping Lunges 

Step 4: 10 Glue Bridges 

Rest and repeat this circuit 8 times. 

High-Intensity Lower Body Circuit 

Here’s another workout that will work your lower body. Try to do as many reps of each exercise as you can in the 30 seconds. 

Step 1: Squat Jumps 30 seconds 

Rest 10 seconds 

Step 2: Single-leg Deadlifts 30 seconds

Rest 10 seconds

Step 3: Glute Bridges 30 seconds

Rest for a minute and repeat the circuit for a total of 10 times. 

Quick Lower-Body Workout 

Here’s another lower body workout that won’t take long, but will have your legs feeling the burn. Perform each circuit 5 times for this workout. 

Step 1: 10 Reverse Lunges 

Step 2: Jumping Jacks 1 Minute

Step 3: 10 Side Lunges 

Step 4: Jumping Jacks 1 Minute

Step 5: 10 Squats 

Step 6: Jumping Jacks 1 Minute 

Step 7: 10 Single-Leg Deadlifts 

Rest for one minute and repeat the circuit five times. 

Fast Full-Body Workout 

Step 1: 30 squat pulses

Rest 30 seconds 

Step 2: 20 Pushups

Rest 30 seconds 

Step 3: 20 full sit-ups

Rest 30 seconds 

20 Plank body saw’s

Rest for 1 minute 

Repeat this five times for an intense full-body workout. 


There are many workout routines that you can squeeze into your busy holiday schedule. Contact your Fitness Together® trainer for a specific workout routine. Don’t have a Fitness Together trainer? You can find one at





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Comments (1)

MCB on Dec 01, 2015
Had I seen a year ago the workout schedule outlined in this blog's suggestion, above, for a workout during the holiday, I probably would NOT have joined Fitness Together. Fortunately, I didn't see it and I DID, in fact, JOIN. What I experienced was a perfect workout that fit someone in my age group (I retired several months ago). It didn't involve lunges and leg deadlifts. Rather, it began with a thoughtful calibration based on what I could do: underhand-grip pull-ups, modified squats, bicep curls, back and shoulder strengthening with lat pull-downs using both weights and the cable pulley system, quadriceps and hamstring strengthening with both resistance bands and step-ups, rows for arm muscles and upper back strengthening, leg-lifts, crunches, and push-ups (the last exercise was a personal goal ). That's a remarkable range given my age group (60yrs-70yrs) and within a few months I could do all of them. And, I guess, that's what I wish that the official blog, above, would have presented to the public along with the workout suggestion they outlined already.
I continue to keep up my program with Fitness Together for two main reasons: first, the program is exceptionally smart: it's based on keeping healthy through intelligent and challenging physical exercises. That's why the trainers coach you through every step, every time. Second, it's worry-free. By that I mean that I don't have to worry that I can't do a particular exercise because it might be too uncomfortable for me. The trainers are listeners. That's important. They listen to what you hesitate at doing and they won't press you to do it until you think you are ready. On the other hand, they also listen to what you are interested in targeting as a personal goal and they devise ways of helping you to it.
This fitness plan is not cheap. But if I can do it on a fixed income it says much about how valuable I have found this program and these trainers to be. mc