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Meet Lisa Austin

Jun 26, 2019

In December of 2016, my son posted a picture of me to social media, and it was a shocking realization of just how overweight and unfit I was. I needed to get healthy, so I started changing my attitude to be more wellness aware. Over the next 12 months, I lost 50 pounds, but still struggled with activity. I had no strength, easily winded, and unable to get up off the floor without holding on to something. I knew I needed to get active!

I tried it on my own, by walking, but only made it around the block. I made up excuses every day to not walk. I knew I needed help. Since physical exercise was not something I did, I was apprehensive about jumping into a big-box gym. I needed to learn how to get fit. I decided to make an investment in myself at the end of 2018 and joined Fitness Together. I no longer could make up an excuse, it was something I had to do for me.

I made the call to Fitness Together and set up my first evaluation and workout. My goals at the beginning were simple, I wanted to be able to get down on the ground and back up. The staff is so supportive, non-judgmental, and willing to help.

The first 6 months have resulted in Amazing results! I’ve lost another 25 pounds, a lot of inches, and my body has shape and muscles where they never existed before. I am stronger than I’ve ever been, I can easily get down and up off the ground, enjoying walking 2 miles (4 days a week) including the hill climb over the bridge and excited to be able to push my body to get strong and have more endurance.

They are so professional and have incredible knowledge of fitness techniques and support. They are all exceptional. All scheduled workouts are pre-planned and offer variety every session. They push you to succeed, recognize when you are struggling, and adapt to make each activity the best for you. I’m challenged every session and love the encouragement to get stronger and stay fit.

The fitness center, staff and clients make the experience what it is. Nothing but positive energy from the moment you step through the door. Being a small one-on-one center, lets you be yourself, without the crowds. They keep the facility clean, inspiring, and a joy to visit.

Travis Madonna, ACE Certified Personal Trainer


"Everyone has the potential for fitness; there are no barriers, only challenges. My goal is to share this same sense of empowerment with my community and each of my clients, everyday."



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