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Healthy Brunch Ideas

Healthy Brunch Ideas

Fitness Together

Whether it is Dad and the kids cooking breakfast in bed or the whole family visiting a restaurant, brunch is a special tradition for many. However, if you are working out, a big hearty brunch may not sound so appetizing. With a little research, there is a way to enjoy a good brunch while still maintaining your healthy diet. 

Healthy French Toast - French Toast is an all-time brunch favorite. The healthy version allows you to satisfy your craving for this classic; only it’s slimmed down a bit. Low-fat milk and egg whites as substitutes make this a healthier option. 

Crustless Tomato Ricotta Pie - Vegetarians will love this cross between a frittata and quiche. It’s basically a cheese and tomato pie. Fresh herbs put this dish over the top. 

Eggs Benedict - How can this rich breakfast become healthy? Easy. Substitute the traditional hollandaise with a lemony white sauce, spinach and whole wheat English Muffin to make it a delightful healthy breakfast. 

Whole Wheat Waffles - Much like French toast, waffles are another brunch classic that everyone loves. Simply switch the typical white flour with whole-wheat flour and this classic is instantly a healthy treat. You can make a big quantity and add fresh fruit for topping, and it is perfect for your brunch menu. 

Healthy Omelets - Loaded omelets do not have the reputation of being the healthiest brunch choice. However, by including egg whites, turkey ham, low-fat cheese and fresh chopped parsley you can cut out half the normal calories and still enjoy the loaded omelet you’ve been craving. 

If you are feeding a crowd or just the family, these healthy options are a delicious way to stay on track with your workout and diet plan. 

If you need help with your diet and are looking for a little nutritional guidance, check out Nutrition Together from Fitness Together. It’s a complete nutritional program that will complement your personal training routine.