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Sep 26, 2018

The Bernards Township Regional Chamber of Commerce Health & Wellness Committee have embarked on an New & Exciting Fitness Program for Youth and is set to kick off the event on October 10th!
"Our Chamber continues to develop new programing for the benefit of our greater community and members. This program we announce today, meets our commitment to Health & Wellness awareness and to recognize a local young person we lost too soon," comments Albert "Al" LiCata, President of the Bernards Township Regional Chamber of Commerce.
The Bernards Township Regional Chamber of Commerce, Connor Nemes Physical Fitness Program, co-hosted by Fitness Together will provide elementary students an opportunity to learn about the importance of proper exercise, nutrition, and more during a free 8 session Fitness Program!
Fitness Together, looks forward to helping everyone who walks in their doors. They are extremely excited about working with the Chamber of Commerce and students from Bernards Township in Connor Nemes' honor. Connor passed away this past summer at ten years old after complications, following an emergency brain surgery. Connor is the nephew of Billy Beyer, owner of Fitness Together.
"Connor was working out with two of his friends, once a week, to improve his scores on the Presidential Fitness Test. This was Connor's least favorite gym activity of the school year and training once a week helped him cut 3 minutes off his mile time. We look forward to keeping his memory alive through working with his friends to achieve this same goal. This program will include full body exercises to teach the children good habits, while having fun, and remembering Connor," added Beyer.
The first of 8 sessions begins October 10th and is a one class per week program. Each session lasts an hour or so. Fitness Together is located off Maple Avenue in downtown Basking Ridge.
Space is limited to each class. The goal for the Bernards Township Regional Chamber of Commerce & Fitness Together is to grow the program annually and provide area youth with a positive experience. For more information contact the Bernards Township Regional Chamber of Commerce 908-766-6755.
"It's hoped we make this such an outstanding part of our annual programing that is grows and includes additional opportunities for all. We are thrilled with the initial turnout of students in the first year's class," concluded LiCata.
During each class, fellow Health & Wellness Chamber Members can provide additional information to the students on all aspects of good health. All Dentists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, Mind & Body Good Health Providers, Doctors, Nutritionists and so on are invited to come provide info to the participants and their families at each session. 1 business per session, so if interested contact the Chamber Office at 908-339-5937 to learn about what dates are available and more info on this exciting new program!


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