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Transformation: A New Life (Times Two)

Jan 17, 2020 Strength

Chuck Calhoun was eating badly and putting on weight. But the news of a new arrival made him raise his game. This is his transformation to becoming a fitter dad. Vital Stats Before Height: 5’9 Weight: 265lb Body fat: 40% After Weight: 200lb Body fat: 18% 1. New Incentive When we found out we were having a new child it made me want to make improvements....

Trainer Corner: How to Alleviate Knee Pain Through Exercise

Jan 15, 2020 Strength

With winter sports season in full swing, now is the perfect time to talk about knee health. Knee pain is one of the most common ailments we see, and yet, it can be alleviated with proper care. To find out why knee pain is so common and how to strengthen the muscles around the knees to prevent it, we spoke to James Mingle, head personal trainer at Fitness Together’s flagship...

61 Fitness Tips to Make This Your Year Of Change

Jan 13, 2020 Strength

You may have resolved to make this the year you finally start—and stick with—an exercise program, but you're fighting an uphill battle, and it's all too easy to give up after a few weeks. Judging by the fact that the January crowds in the gym are long gone by February, you're not alone! The question is how to turn your determination into action you...

5 New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Jan 11, 2020 Strength

Resolution 1: Be consistent Most people fail, not because they don't have the perfect plan, but because they simply don't stick with the plan they have. That's often because they start with completely unsustainable goals. Can you follow some fad diet and lose a bunch of weight? Yes. But your long-term goal should be to maintain good physical condition, and that...

Why You Should Ditch Your New Year's Resolution In 2020

Jan 10, 2020 Strength

It's that time of year again. "A New Year, A New You" talk is on every news feed, detox programs are flooding daytime television, and millions of people are flocking to the gym. Although New Year's goal-setting is a positive and healthy way to improve your health and fitness, research shows only about 9 percent of New Year's resolutions actually stick.[1]...

How to Chill Out and Relax Already

Jan 9, 2020 Strength

Activate Your Vagus Nerve It’s the secret to calming down Activate what now? Stick with us: The vagus is the largest and longest of the 12 nerve fibers emanating from your brain. It branches out to reach every major organ in your body, making the mind-body connection a literal one. Researchers hypothesize that the vagus is part of what’s known as the microbiota-gut-brain...

How To Combat Sitting Down At Work

Jan 8, 2020 Strength

As desk jobs usually come as standard when we send off our CV, it’s no surprise that over 80% of Americans spend most of their day sitting down at work. We all know that spending the day in a chair isn’t good for our health, but what actually happens when we sit in front of our computer all day? Can we actually counteract this during our precious hours of freedom...

All the Bad Habits We Won't Give Up in 2020

Jan 7, 2020 Strength

January, the month of the year meant for powder skiing, lazy days in front of the fire, and wine-fueled dinner parties with friends (hygge, anyone?) has long been co-opted by the optimizers. We’re taking it back. No New Year’s diets, plank challenges, or self-betterment protocols allowed. The holidays are long and often stressful, and winter is tough enough on...

These Will Be the Biggest Health Trends of 2020

Jan 6, 2020 Strength

Not to jinx it at this late hour but, against all odds, it looks like our species will make it to 2020. Time to break out the organic, sustainably sourced champagne. (It may taste like carbonated vinegar, but at least it’s still reassuringly expensive.) But what then? Will humanity manage to stick it out for a few more millennia? Not if we don’t manage to stay healthy...

Why You Should Give the Gift of Wellness This Year

Jan 3, 2020 Strength

Material things can only bring happiness in the short term, but experiences and transformation can change lives for the long haul. That’s why, this holiday, we suggest thinking outside of the box when you’re coming up with gifts for your loved ones and consider giving them the gift of wellness. How do you do that? Invest in a Fitness Together personal training...

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