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10 Foods That Increase Testosterone – Eat Your T-Levels Higher

Dec 23, 2019

Increase your supplies of the valuable muscle-building hormone testosterone by making these small, yet vital, inclusions to your nutrition strategies. We’ve compiled the definitive list of 10 foods that increase testosterone to have you feeling energized, and alpha in no time.   10 Foods That Increase Testosterone   Olive oil and Coconut Extra virgin...

Why Cardio is Destroying Your Body and the 12-Week Low Impact Cardio Fix

May 21, 2019

Is cardio destroying you? If you’ve got a pet style of cardio, you could be unraveling one step at a time. Here’s an easy low impact cardio program fix for your imbalances so your body stays strong for the long haul. TRAINER – Brandan Fokken: IFBB physique pro, and Dymatize athlete.   Who does cardio create imbalances and injuries...

The Science of Muscle Recovery: How Long Should You Rest Between Workouts?

May 13, 2019

Back in the day, I used to throttle myself in the gym. Russian squat routines. Deadlift specialization programs. And, of course, my high school days, when I benched three times per week and maxed out every Friday. (Because you never know—you may have gotten stronger that week!)

Our Favorite Quotes from Strong Women

Jan 26, 2019

Type "motivating workout quotes" into Google and you'll find list after list of inspirational quotes by famous bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and strength coaches like Dave Tate. What you won't find much of, though, are lists of motivational quotes from strong women. So, we made our own! Over the last few years, there has been a surge in female...

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Lateral Raises

Sep 5, 2018

.618:1. While you may not be a mathematician, you should know this ratio. Otherwise known as the "Golden Ratio," it's an arrangement of two numbers or measurements where the relationship between a and b is the same as a+b is to a.

Get Healthy And Chill: How Exercise Boosts Mental Health

May 17, 2022

Some stress is a normal, healthy part of everyday life. Feeling nervous or stressed before a first date, when working toward a deadline, or before speaking in public.

Working out can help to manage stress, and the mood-boosting effects of exercise last long after you finish your last set. Here, we’ll take a look at exactly how working out can benefit your mental health and help to manage your stress.

Debunking Diet Culture: Exploring Intuitive Eating

Apr 15, 2022

What Is Diet Culture? Low-fat, Atkins®, South Beach, Jenny Craig®—there are countless diets available for people who want to lose weight, yet, most people who try to diet end up gaining the weight back—and then some. As the summer months approach, it’s tough to navigate television and social media without being bombarded with ads for weight-loss and...

Sleep and Muscle Recovery: Making Your Rest Work for You

Mar 15, 2022

You know that you’re working hard when you’re training. Whether you lift weights, play sports, take group classes, or participate in another form of exercise, it’s important to give your all.

But you may be surprised to learn—how you recover matters just as much as how you work out, and it’s important that you optimize your rest so that your muscles can come back strong the next time you’re ready to exercise.

American Heart Month – The Importance of Heart Health

Feb 14, 2022

Every year, leading up to Valentine’s Day, the commercial marketplace brims with clothing, cards and candies, all emblazoned with the universal emblem of love: the heart. The heart has long been recognized as a symbol of romantic affection, but biologically, it is a powerful organ that is responsible for proper functioning of the human body and its health is essential to life.

Diving Into 2022 With Intention

Jan 17, 2022

Diving Into 2022 With Intention: Your Guide to Getting your Mind Right for the New Year! With the dawn of a new year comes the customary internal self-assessment and resolution to improve—an intended fresh start to ignite the emergence of a better version of ‘you’.

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