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VIrtually Unstoppable!

Apr 10, 2020

How are you? Hope you are managing everything well under these circumstances and staying healthy. I know last time we spoke you weren’t interested in trying our new LIVE 1-on-1 Virtual Personal Training, but I wanted to reach back out. The program has been really successful so far and even the clients that didn’t think they would like it, are surprisingly really loving it! As we’ve all gotten a little stir crazy, it’s been a great way to have live social interaction and keep one another healthy and accountable during this time.

We actually have a few spots open so why don’t we book a session? All you need is about 100 square feet of space to workout in and no equipment is necessary. If you happen to have any equipment, great if not- no big deal, we can definitely get creative!

Let’s do this and give it a shot since we are all in this together we might as well be staying fit and working towards our goals! Just let me know so I can save your spot!

Check out the client feedback below, figured I’d give you an idea of what the virtual training looks like & show you that it can be done anywhere, you’ll have tons of fun, and you’ll get a great workout in- there’s really nothing to lose!

I’ll send you the invite and instructions. Gonna be great to see ya, we miss ya!”

"Hey Billy just wanted to say this is really awesome what you guys are doing during this time!!" -AS
"That is AWESOME! Thank you." -MB
"Thanks again for helping me feel better!
Ready for the day...." -BK


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