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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results.

Size 16 / Size 8

Katie Jacobs

Katie began her training at Fitness Together on June 15th, 2011.

"I started at Fitness Together because I saw myself going in a direction that really scared me. During college, I gained 30 lbs, was completely inactive, struggled with depression, had extreme low energy, and basically just felt horrible about myself! I got my first job as a nurse working night shift and knew that I needed to make a big change before I completely spiraled out of control. I found Fitness Together and decided to make the commitment. It has completely changed my life in every way! Even though I love how much smaller and stronger I've gotten, it's really how much better I feel that has made the biggest difference. Instead of just getting through each day, I now enjoy life. Consistent exercise and healthy eating habits really do make an incredibly positive impact on how we live. The trainers at FT, especially Dan, have given me skills that I'm going to use the rest of my life. I'm absolutely addicted to working out! It took a lot of hard work, but this isn't just a quick fix or an easy weight loss solution. This is the new me."

Over 25 lbs. lost in ONE year!

  • Waist: 2 inches LOST
  • Hips: 3 inches LOST
  • Thigh: 3.5 inches LOST

Way to go Katie! You are an Inspiration to us and other FT clients!

Success Stories

Alan Betus

Attorney at Law

Justin and the team at Fitness Together, especially Dan Arena, helped save my life.  Since December of 2010 I have lost 110 lbs through weight loss surgery, eating right and regular workouts at FT 4 days a week.  I could not have achieved these results through any one of these methods alone.  Before I decided to overhaul my life, I was 314 lbs, and on a slew of medicines for high blood pressure, depression, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. I had to do something or I was only going to get worse; it was only a matter of time before more serious complications set in.

Spurned on by my wife, who decided to changer her life and embark on a similar journey 8 month prior, I went "all in."  Surgery was the easy part.  Learning to make healthier choices at every meal, and commit to a work out regimen was far more difficult and challenging.  Sometimes i want pizza and fried food; sometimes I don't want to lift weights or get on the treadmill.  But, I have stayed with it through the help and support of my wife, friends, family and FT, and the results are amazing.  I ran my first 5k in May.  Never in my life would I have even wanted to do that, let alone think I could accomplish it.  But, the people at FT help make it possible.

As Dan told me the other day, "since we've started working out together, I've had a plan for you, and you're now seeing the results."  He's right. Not only am I smaller (weight wise), but I am "bigger."  I've got muscles in places I didn't know I had. My muscles have muscles!  I can't help pass a mirror and ask "who is that guy?!"

Sure, I could have had surgery and still lost weight.  But I would have looked like a "pudgy" skinny guy, and I didn't want that. If I was going to do something drastic and have surgery, then I wanted to go all the way.  The team at FT understood that and worked with me to set and achieve realistic, attainable goals.  They don't push a one size fits all approach.  My regimen is different from my wife's workout plan, and her's is different from other clients.

You want numbers?  At my last fitness assessment I was down 100 lbs in a year; my body fat has gone from 36% to 24%; my resting hear rate was 49 beats per minute, down from 82; and most telling, I was able to do 30 push ups where I couldn't do ANY a year before.  Yes, I would have lost weight without working out, but I wasn't going to get these results.

Fitness Together has become a partner in my success.  Because of Dan, Justin and the entire FT team, my wife and I are healthier, happier and in control of our lives for the first time since we've been together.

So, what are you waiting for?

Julie Banther

Just like so many others out there, I have repeatedly tried and failed at losing weight.  It seemed like such a lost cause and I had halfway accepted that I was just destined to be overweight for the rest of my life. I turned 30 years old and hit an all time low as far as confidence and self esteem go.  I felt like I was being judged everywhere I went because of my weight.  My blood pressure, which had always been slightly elevated, sky rocketed.  I knew I had to do something, and even though I was a little skeptical of personal training (what could they possibly do for me that I hadn't already tried myself?), I decided to, at least, go talk to the guys at Fitness Together.

After I met with Justin and learned about the Fitness Together program, I couldn't think of a single reason not to do it.  What better investment could I make than to invest in myself?  I started working out with Dan 3 days a week.  He pushes me just enough so that I always leave with a "can-do" attitude, never discouraged.  With the support and encouragement that I've received from Dan and the other trainers, not to mention the seemingly immediate results that I saw, it's been very easy to keep going back.

So far, it's been 10 weeks and I've lost 32 pounds.  That's more than I've ever been able to lose before.  I've had clothes go from being WAY too small to wear, to being WAY too big.  My blood pressure is perfect now.  I've gotten to where I actually enjoy working out and really look forward to it.  I feel a thousand times better, both physically and mentally, and I'm making the people I love proud of me.  To say I'm motivated would be a huge understatement.

I can't say enough good things about Dan or Justin, or any of the other trainers at Fitness Together.  These guys know what they're doing and they know how to help.  More importantly, they truly want me to be successful.  Walking through the front door at Fitness Together was the BEST decision I have ever made.

Denise Tate

Fitness Together Changed My Life!

When I first signed up for training three times a week, I was basically doing it to get in shape for a family wedding and my 40th birthday.  I just wanted to look good in my dress.  When I started my training on January 3rd, 2012, I never expected that this new “thing” for me would actually change my life all together.

Not only was I working out with the trainers, Fitness Together also taught me a better way to eat.  For people that aren’t used to a healthy lifestyle, it helped that FT gave me a list of items I should be buying to eat.  I was also using a daily journal (which they provided) which helped me to be accountable of everything I ate.  They would review it each week and give me friendly suggestions on what I needed to rearrange in my diet (not really a diet, just healthy eating). 

I also enjoyed the fact that I would sometimes work-out with different trainers.  For someone like me that gets bored easily, the different styles of training helped keep me interested.  The upbeat music that’s played and the funny/friendly staff kept my training times energized!  After about two weeks, I was actually looking forward to my training.

Through the constant support, 3 day week training, cardio training, eating healthier, I was able to lose 13.5 inches off of my body in 2 months.  5.5 inches from my belly alone!  Now, I wasn’t exactly a big woman but I knew my clothes were tighter and I didn’t feel pretty looking in the mirror anymore.  So, this isn’t just for overweight people.  Even when you think you look alright, you can definitely improve, just like I did.

I knew this journey would make me healthier, but I didn’t expect it to save my life.  This experience has changed my whole way of thinking when it comes to my health.  I have changed my eating habits, I look forward to training, I have a quit all the other “extracurricular” actives that would have eventually killed me.

Thank you Fitness Together!  I will forever be grateful to you for saving my life!! 

Denise Tate

Jennifer Dooley

Fitness Together has been a huge blessing in my life. I have wanted to get in shape and start eating healthy for a few years now. I have joined various gyms and spent countless dollars on services I never used.

Fitness Together is exactly what I had been looking for. I walked in and immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Every trainer there is so friendly and makes you feel right at home. They are all such positive people and you can tell that they care about you on a personal level and want you to achieve your goals and start living a healthier lifestyle.

The food journal really worked for me. Justin and Krista gave me great feedback on my eating habits and for the first time I was excited about eating healthy. Eating right along with the personal one-on-one training I received over the past 2.5 months helped me lose 8.75 inches overall on my body. I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit and I feel great in the swimsuit I bought for the summer. I haven’t felt great in a bathing suit in a long time.

I never thought I would say this, but I actually look forward to my three days a week of personal training and cardio. I have been so motivated that I run the hills around my neighborhood at home on the nights I am not at Fitness Together.

Fitness Together has been such a positive experience in my life. My husband has taken after my new eating habits and exercises with me at home. The great trainers at Fitness Together have helped me to achieve the kind of lifestyle I have been searching for and for that I am very grateful!

Thank you so much everyone at Fitness Together!

Jennifer Dooley 

Karen Reeves

My motivation for seeking out Fitness Together was our 30 year wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii. I wanted to feel good and not be so tired all the time. I had never had an experience with a personal trainer, I had always just thought if I walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes every other day that I would eventually lose weight and build up my stamina. I was so wrong. Corey, Michael, Kristin and Justin have introduced me to a whole new world of exercise. In 8 weeks, I have lost 7.5 pounds and almost 10 inches. I am down 2% of body fat, my flexibility has improved and I feel better than I have in a long time. These guys are great at what they do, very knowledgable, and genuinely care about your results. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience at Fitness Together. Thank you Fitness Together family, you guys are GREAT!
Karen Reeves

Ellen Martin

Over the last twenty years of my life, I have been fortunate enough to have worked out with several different personal trainers.  My mother, who was very special to me, suffered through many broken bones as she aged. Witnessing this as I did, I made a promise to myself that I would do anything possible not to let this happen to me.

Moving several times during my life, has given me the opportunity to work with many different trainers in several states.  This has included trainers in large gyms as well as those equipped only to handle one person at a time.

However, nothing can compare to the experience I have had at Fitness Together on Gunbarrel Rd. owned by Justin Tate.  Aside from losing weight, many inches and dress sizes, I have become stronger, more flexible and in general, in much better health.

The accountability and positive reinforcement received at Fitness Together is unequaled anywhere.  Written workouts are always planned along with periodic, scheduled fitness assessments. 

Justin is the most positive person I have ever met and his attitude carries over to his staff and clients. This feeling is evident as soon as I walk in the front door. The trainers I have worked with are Dan, Cory and Mike.  Each one of them is knowledgeable, motivating and focused on achieving my goals.  They sincerely want me to succeed and work very hard to help me attain this.  I have never felt as though I am just one of many but rather as an individual who is guided to achieve my personal best.

Good nutrition is an area I have struggled with my whole life for I enjoy eating too many sweets and not enough wholesome foods.  Since joining Fitness Together, I have changed my eating habits considerably which has enabled me to reduce my cholesterol medication to a very low dosage.  Dan’s knowledge of nutrition is exceptionable and he has worked with me quite extensively on creating a good food plan along with showing me the benefits of eating green.

I am very glad that I am a client of Fitness Together, a place where I intend to continue working out for a long time to come.

Elaine McGowan

Being an older woman I was a little skeptical about a personal trainer. I didn't want to be intimidated working out with a big macho physical fitness guy. All of the trainers at Fitness Together have made me very comfortable in working out. It has been an awesome experience. I am held accountable not only in working out but also in eating healthy. I started working out at Fitness Together about 3 months ago and have seen an incredible increase in strength, stamina, and energy not to mention that my clothes fit better. Fitness Together is a comfortable, fun place to go. I always look forward to my work out.

Bill White

My experience with Fitness Together has been nothing short of spectacular.  Since joining in January 2011 extending over a six month period, I have lost 30 pounds...decreased my waist size by 3 inches...improved my strength...enhanced my cardiovascular levels...gained better tone and flexibility...and vastly altered my previously poor eating habits.  Bottom has been an awesome comprehensive lifestyle change.  Many thanks to my trainer Cory Edwards and the rest of the staff for their continuing guidance and support.  I would highly recommend FT to anyone with a true desire to begin making a difference towards a healthier self!



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After Photo

Brad Carney

Let me first start by telling you how I came to Fitness Together.  My wife, Kim, asked that I start an exercise program the only condition was that I had to have a personal trainer.  To give you an idea of what was driving this was the fact that I’m 32 with two kids and weight 290 and have a family medical history of diabetes and heart disease.  So, I start to research the different options in the Chattanooga area.  I looked into traditional memberships at the YMCA, Rush, and Sports Barn.  All of their programs required a membership and a fee for each training session.  I learned about Fitness Together from an article in a local magazine.  I called and spoke to Kyle about their program. Kyle invited me down to their location for a complimentary session to get a feel for how a typical training session would go.  One of the primary reasons I chose Fitness Together was their studio lends itself to an atmosphere of one on one training.  Also, Kyle spoke about the importance of proper nutrition.  The things I’ve learned about how and what to eat have been invaluable. So upon making the decision to join Fitness Together, Kyle shared with my a 12 week meal plan.  The meal plan stress the importance of eating whole foods and portion control.  The final thing that helped me decided on Fitness Together is that I found out someone I know personally was a client at one time.  He highly recommended Fitness Together.  So working with Kyle we came up with a plan where I would resistant train 2 days a week and do cardio train 2 -3 days a week.  Another added benefit is the use of the cardio equipment on days you do not work out.

So for anyone doubting the benefits of personal training with Fitness Together and following their advice on nutrition, let me share my results thus far.  In the 12 weeks I’ve been training , I’ve lost 70 lbs, my resting heart as gone from 76 to 52. I’ve gone from 26% body fat to 11%.  I’ve gone from wearing 40 waist pants to 34 waist. I cannot thank my trainer, Heidi, Kyle and the other trainers enough.  Not only for the results, but for all of the encouragement.  The entire staff has been so positive and friendly.   I’ve learned how to have an effective workout and how to eat properly.  Joining Fitness Together has been the best decision I’ve made and the best money I’ve ever spent.  I’m in great shape, and have learned things that will serve me a lifetime.

After Photo

Ethan Collier

When I came to FT I weighed 222 pounds, my resting heart rate was 92 beats per minute.  Six months later I had lost 34 pounds down to 188 and my resting heart rate had dropped to 57 beats per minute!  I just completed 420 miles of marathon training and completed the marathon in 4 hours and 12 minutes.  I could have never done it without you and your great group of trainers at FT.  Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.  Be looking for my Ironman Hawaii pictures coming in 2012!   NO JOKE!  Special thanks to Adam, I hear his voice pushing me every time I enter the gym.  What a wonderful thing you do for people.  You have given me a gift for life!

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Josiah Roe

"In April 2008 I was in the worst shape of my life.  I weighed 297 pounds and had thrown out my back for the second time.  I was killing myself.  A little over five months later I have lost 63 pounds and I am in the best shape of my life.  People don't recognize me!  I sleep, work and play better ... everything is better!"

Before Photo

Rachel Borowski

Impressive Stats: (Weight loss, inches lost and anything else you feel proud of sharing)
100 lb weight loss in total. 58 lbs since August of 2006 with Fitness Together! I had hit a significant plateau for six months after losing the initial 40 lbs on my own.  Fitness Together broke that plateau and it really started coming off quickly!  I am down 16 dress sizes.  I am most proud to carry my "before" pictures (I never am without them) to encourage others and show people it can be done.
Why did you decide to work out at Fitness Together?
 After meeting the FT staff I felt they could and would deliver the specific things the advertisement promised.  They promised to focus on my goals, to uncover what was important to me and that I would be given accountability, encouragement and specific guidance to ensure I met my goals.  Clearly, they have delivered!
What factor has been the most helpful to you in achieving your goal?
Being consistent.  That means me and Fitness Together!  Stay committed. Additionally, I made some specific goals known (long and short term), put them in writing, and my trainer Matt stayed actively involved with those goals. 
What tips do you have for others working toward their goals?
Change your thinking first!  It’s a progression from, "I won't, I can't, I'd like to, I'll try, I can, I WILL"!  A positive resolve of I WILL is 100% of getting things going and being determined to stay with it.  Also, if you slip, it's just a slip!  Don't be cruel to yourself, just move forward!
What are some of your future fitness goals?
The cover of People Magazine-their annual article Half Their Size so I can brag about Fitness Together.

I will continue my fitness and nutrition plan in order to lose an additional 40 lbs. and will keep these exciting habits (yes they are exciting and yes, they are now habits) for life! The "yoyo" days are over!

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Caleb Ludwick

The fact that I lost 33 pounds, went from 42% body fat to 14%, waist line 41 inches to 34 inches, and resting heart from 83 to 68 in 12 weeks - and did it in healthy ways - is only the beginning of what's great about the unique approach to fitness of Julian's group at Fitness Together. By following the trainers' personalized advice on exercise and nutrition I not only slimmed down, I also gained strength and energy, improved my heart's health and woke up again to enjoying wholesome, sustaining foods. Six months later, I am still making time to work out with the FT trainers twice a week and do cardio three times a week, to keep my new health and quality of life.

Michael Magnacca

I want to take this opportunity to write to you and tell you my story.  I have always been the big fat guy and unhealthy.  After college I worked out and went from 280 to 185 but that was 7 years ago.  I got married and put all the weight back on.  I was 270 when I walked into FT.  And that was the best thing I have done for my self in a long time.  My friend David told me about you guys and with in two days Gray called me up to set up a meeting.  I walked in not knowing if I could do anything about my weight.  I WAS WRONG.   That night Gray took me to the Walmart near the studio and showed me what I should eat and where all the good food is, I started to eat healthy 5 days a week.  That did not last too long a few weeks later I started to eat healthy every day.  It is now second nature.  I drink nothing but water every day.   I work out with Tony 3 times a week and then one day a week I come in to do 60 minutes of Cardio.  I also play tennis a t least one day a week.  In the last 5 months I have gone from 270 pounds to 224 pounds. I am working to get to 185. I hope to be 200 before the end of Aug. IF I CAN DO IT ANY ONE CAN!!! I was very lazy. All I needed was a little help and FT was the Motivation I needed Thank you for everything.  YOU GUYS ARE GREAT.

Kristina Montague

New Location

Just want to let you all know I love the new space!  It's light-filled,
spacious, and the bathrooms/showers are especially nice!  Great job and I
hope it will be a good move.

What  a great spot for fitness & health-- my 3 favorite places, North shore
yoga, greenlife & FT all in one spot.  What could be better?

Kristina Montague

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After Photo

Casey Burrell

If you are trying to decide to join Fitness Together or not, then stop thinking about it and just do it.  I joined 9 months ago and it has been the best decision I ever made for myself and for my family.  In the past 9 months I have lost 59lbs of fat and gained 12.5lbs of muscle.  My resting heart rate had been as high as 85bpm and after just 6 months Fitness Together had helped me get it down to 51bpm.  I could go on and on with numbers and statistics but the numbers that are truly the most important to me and my family are the years I believe I have added to my life. 
Thank You
Casey Burrell

Sam Condra

In the past 6 weeks Fitness Together has helped me regain my health
and fitness after a bout with cancer. I appreciate the fact that they
not only considered my medical conditions when formulating a workout
program but also provided me with a nutrition guide that has allowed
me to loose 25 pounds. I realized with my first fitness assessment
there would be a high degree of accountability; this has helped keep
me on the road to success. My overall wellness is improved, my
stress is less and I don't have that 3 o'clock afternoon crash
anymore. One client, one trainer, one goal....for me it just doesn't
get much better.

Callie Thomas

Joining Fitness Together has been a very worthwhile investment in my health. I have lost 40 pounds, over 30 total inches, gone from size 14-16 to size 4-6, total cholesterol is down from 234 to 180, but more importantly, I have learned so much! I actually enjoy eating healthfully and look forward to my workouts. I am much stronger and have more energy. I am in the best shape of my life and I am in my forties!

Dr. Eileen Burroughs

Busy busy busy. That is my life! I’m a full time doctor with a husband in residency and to very active boys I care for. Before I came to Fitness Together, I was exercising 5-6 days a week. With that I wasn’t getting any healthier. I just wasn’t getting fat as fast.    I needed more of reason to roll out of bed and workout. I needed help with nutrition accountability and someone to push me harder. In the first six weeks I lost 6 lbs and about 8 inches. I doubled the number of push-ups I could do and can run faster than I did before. My clothes are loose instead of tight. This has been really fun for me. I look forward to coming in and seeing everyone and having a great workout. There are a lot of demands on me from other people. This is something great that I do for myself only.

Dr. John Nash

I have been attending FT Gunbarrel regularly for well over one year.  In that time, I have significantly lowered my resting heart rate and body fat, increased my strength and muscularity, and improved my diet.  Scheduled as an "early-bird" attendee, I enjoy my time being worked over in the mornings.  I start my day right and (eventually) feel great!  Never hurt, but mostly sore in all the right ways, Adam, Rachel, Justin and the other trainers I've worked with have balanced my workouts with a fantastic understanding of exercise physiology and training techniques.  Not knowing what the morning routine will be always leads to some anticipatory anxiety, but by following my workouts closely, I have not had any problems but feel successful in meeting and hopefully exceeding my and their expectations.  Overall feeling much better than I have in years, I strongly recommend attending this center and gaining from their expertise.

Dr. Alfredo Nieves

MD FACOG DAAPM Director Pelvic Pain And Reconstructive Surgery Center

I began working out at Fitness together one year ago. My goals were to loose weight and become physically fit. During this year the team at fitness together has helped me in numerous ways to achieve my goals. They have changed my eating habits, food selection and quantity. And yes they have changed it, daily e-mails making me accountable for my eating actions, repeat, repeat, repeat, what did you eat?. Finally I got it and I am sticking with it. Strength and fitness, they have worked with me and my personal interests (golf), to gear my training towards specific and general muscle groups. My endurance at work has improved 100%, I can play 27 holes in a day without being fatigued, hitting it longer. I feel that the knowledge base in terms of exercise physiology and strength training is formidable. Fitness together has and continues to help me age gracefully and healthier.

Becky Sparks

Grandview Manager

I know you know this already, but I just want to express how much I appreciate the commitment of your folks at FT. I feel like Jonathan is going the extra mile to help me figure out what it takes to reach my goals.  My overall wellness and weight-loss has been a mystery to me over the last three years.  Jonathan has been a great support and constant ally in this process. Turns out I needed more help with what happens outside my sessions at FT.  Daily accountability and encouragement feels like too much to ask of anyone, but Jonathan has graciously offered that help to me. While I have what feels like way-too-many-pounds-to-go, I am celebrating being taken off my blood pressure medicine and have lost 40 pounds. These are achievements I account to the great people at FT.  I am proud of the work they do there! You have a great team there, and I am very grateful for them. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Courtney Armstrong

The workouts are challenging, but in a way that keeps them interesting, fun, and encouraging. I have been training with Adam, George, and Denise who have all been great support. I am also very impressed with Elizabeth your registered dietician. She is helping me ease into dietary changes, and gives very insightful suggestions that take into consideration my lifestyle, schedule and food preferences. To sum up, I love FT’s approach. You make it feel doable by setting small goals, while pushing me just enough to my edge to keep me motivated. You keep it fun by adding variety in the workouts and playing great music. The staff and other clients are very friendly, encouraging, and supportive. I am really impressed, and appreciate all you guys are doing!

Margaret Arthur

Truly FT was the best decision for my health I have ever made. I feel like I finally have the tools to overcome years of yo-yo dieting and exercise. The trainers are such motivators and true friends of encouragement on the journey both with training and online nutrition journaling. I know that I could not have lost 19 pounds on my own in 6 weeks without them.

Howard Reagor

“I lost 17 pounds in six weeks, five inches on my waist, and firmed up other problem areas! The key was the consistent accountability and nutrition help. All I had to do was show up. I was tired of being fat and FT gave me the help I needed to reach my goals.”

Gerry Stephens

Just look at the results and see my doctors comments. I have lost 20 pounds, my total cholesterol is down from 220 to 181, LDL cholesterol has dropped from 156 to 118, and my triglycerides are down. My doctor, Dr. Peter’s, said, “Best they have been in years and no meds! Keep up your good habits.”

Robert Wolfe

Thank you Fitness Together! In a little over 2 months I have dropped 20 lbs., my total cholesterol has gone from 241 to 141, my LDL from 169 to 78 (my doctor was amazed). Also, the intangibles of feeling great and having so much more energy have been great. Radical changes often require assistance. With the help of your proven workouts, encouragement and accountability from your professional trainers, it shows that anything is possible. Thanks again for my new life.

Gary Hilbert


In November 2005, I joined Fitness Together because I was overweight, my stress level was off the scale, I was tired all the time, and in general felt lousy. After six months, I lost 40 pounds, I learned, or I should say I re-learned, that exercise can help manage stress, my stamina is improved, my attitude at home and at work is greatly improved, I have more energy, I am eating better, and overall I simply feel better. All of the Fitness Together staff, but especially Gray and Julian, have encouraged me to seek a better physical life through eating healthfully and exercise. The weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility training have improved all parts of my life, including my golf game. Fitness Together is a commitment of both time and money, but it is worth every penny and every minute.

Hamilton Brock

Collier Construction

I was very skeptical … I never realized how the training program could actually help my herniated disc. I knew it could help my overall strength and flexibility. I just never knew how closely related my back problems were to my overall strength and flexibility. It has been wonderful to feel good again and be in shape!

Vickie Webster

I began 8 months ago at Fitness Together. I was determined to feel better, improve my heart, and fit into my clothes with ease by my 50th birthday. It’s the best gift my husband could have given me. I am much happier with my new “body confidence” and have also lost 16 pounds. It’s not about numbers though, it’s about feeling good and my family is proud. I just enjoy life more and it doesn’t get any better than that!

Ken Uhlarik

My progress with the program has been great. For the first time in my life I have changed my eating habits and have found that I am losing pounds at a gradual rate. When I started the program I was 228 and now I am 213. The program has taken inches off my waist!

Will Tutton

QB Gordon Lee High

Fitness Together increased my power, strength, flexibility, athletic ability and endurance

Emily Willard

WTCI Radio

Training at Fitness Together is awesome! I haven’t felt this good or been so strong in years! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Dr. Matt Vos

College Professor

Fitness Together teams with you with a knowledgeable trainer who measures your present fitness level and helps you set goals. Over the course of the summer (May – August), I worked out at Fitness Together two times per week. The staff was professional and courteous, and I came to see them as my friends – friends who make you sweat! I found that rather than the sessions being drudgery or a drain on my schedule, they became something that I looked forward to and that actually energized me. In fact, I would say that training at Fitness Together gave me more time, rather than less to attend to the other parts of my schedule. At Fitness Together you’re in and out in exactly one hour – and you feel great. I made considerable progress toward all of my fitness goals, lost 14 pounds, learned correct exercise techniques, and developed the sort of attitude that wants to keep this up for the rest of my life. With Fitness Together you can’t go wrong!

Donna Weir

Thank you Danielle for putting me back in control of my life. After one year of dieting I had come to a stand still. Danielle guided and pushed me through some tough visits but it paid off. I’m now down 14 pounds since August. Most importantly, I now have the tools to keep myself in shape for the rest of my life.

Kristie Haulsee

Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

I really enjoy my workouts at FT. I feel great! My trainer really keeps me motivated and on the right track to improving my health.

Jim Johnston

At my first six- week evaluation, I had lost 10 pounds and gained significantly more flexibility than I have had in over 20 years. My hobby, scuba diving, is easier and I can even do push ups again. I am feeling more energetic and better than I have in years. I also no longer have back pain, which I have had for years. At my physical my blood pressure was lower my doctor said my blood pressure was lower than it has been in five years. I look forward to continuing to improve my health.

Karen Rogers

I really enjoy my time at FT and it has gotten me into the best shape of my adult life!

Don Britton

Since I came to Fitness Together, my overall physical condition has dramatically improved. I have lost inches of fat tissue and gained endurance and most of all---I feel great! I can recommend FT to anyone who wants to improve their quality of health and life.

Bob Adney

Four weeks after working with FT, I observed a reduction in my blood pressure. I started with an average blood pressure reading of 130/83, and now I average consistently around 110/73. I would ride my bike and run but could never obtain the results I currently enjoy.

Vanessa Dexter

“I love that I am doing something for myself and even Julian told me that it was ok because I told him I feel selfish when I leave my four children to do this. I love the trainers and know that this time I have the motivation and opportunity to do this right. At my first Fitness Assessment I had lost 4.4 pounds and 10.5 total inches!”

James Stephens

I joined Fitness Together in August 2006.  My goal was to lose weight and gain muscle.  I also needed accountability for eating healthy.  In the first six weeks I have lost 12 pounds and gained muscle.  I feel great and have more energy to play with my little boys

Mandy Eftink

I decided to try Fitness Together when, after 2 ½ years, I was working out 4 days a week but wasn’t meeting my goals to lose the remaining pounds from having my daughter. I also felt trapped in a vicious cycle of trying and failing to achieve what our culture deems to be beautiful and acceptable. After working 3 months with the trainers at Fitness Together, I reached my goal weight and my goal size, and now I am the strongest and most fit of my life. I learned how to exercise more efficiently, to use proper form, and genuinely to love activity I used to despise. Most importantly however, I gained a sense of confidence where once there were fear and self-doubt. Fitness Together helped me to realize that my goal is not attaining to an arbitrary cultural ideal but rather having a psychologically and spiritually. Thank you Fitness Together.

David Devaney

I have tried just about everything for my back; the workout program at FT has helped it the most. Best it has felt in years!

Sean Goff

I have been training at FT for 10 months and am now in the best shape of my life. My Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and Flexibility have all improved dramatically. The results I saw after 6 weeks were amazing and I continued to reach new goals. This investment in my health has been the best investment I could have made.

Elizabeth Jackson

I have only been at Fitness Together for six weeks but it has been the best decision I have ever made for my health and self esteem. I love both my trainer and the others are just as friendly and helpful. My six weeks evaluation showed great results. My resting heart rate dropped from 68 to 62 and my recovering heart rate improved from 146 to 121 beats per minute and will only get better. I feel great! I would recommend FT to anyone

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