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101 Weight Loss Tips

Posted By: Justin Tate on 12/12/2011

1.    Drink water

2.    Train low intensity before breakfast

3.    After you’ve eaten do high intensity cardio

4.    Avoid refined sugar

5.    Avoid simple carbs

6.    Don’t eat within two hours of dinner

7.    Train with weights

8.    Do some light cardio after dinner

9.    Eat fruit

10. Eat vegetables

11. Increase protein foods like meat, fish, eggs, etc.

12. Take a multivitamin

13. Take a cod liver oil supplement

14. Run hills and climb stairs

15. Increase your intensity each workout

16. Eat leafy green vegetables

17. Keep active in between workout sessions

18. Swap your work chair for a fitness ball

19. Keep fitness equipment like dumb bells, etc. in every room of the house

20. Find someone to train with in the mornings

21. Find someone who is better than you at fitness to train with

22. Make fruit a whole meal instead of a snack

23. Replace television with active past times like walking, etc.

24. Join a sport team or a fitness class

25. Experiment with martial arts and tai chi and yoga

26. If you are doing weight training and cardio, do the weight training first

27. Choose cardio exercises that work the whole body, not just the legs

28. Try not to mix fats and carbs in the same meal (ie cheese and pasta)

29. Avoid coffee as it leads to bad diet habits

30. Drink green tea for its health and antioxidant properties

31. Drink more water

32. Drink even more water

33. Make commitments to train with different people at different times in the week to keep active

34. Take the stairs instead of the lift no matter how you are feeling

35. Park your car further away from your destination or get off the bus early

36. Make a big pot of vegetable soup on the weekend and eat it for snacks during the week

37. Pre-cook as many meals as you can and keep them handy at work or at home for ‘junk snack’ times

38. Keep your ‘cheat days’ healthy by choosing restaurants that have healthy foods like salads, meats and fish

39. Eat chili - the burning sensation is your metabolism speeding up

40. Eat more often but not more

41. Eat six meals a day with a two hour spacing in between

42. Use a small bowl or plate to create the illusion of eating a lot

43. Replace chicken with lean red meat

44. Find someone you don’t like to do cardio or sport with as you will try harder to win and be more competitive

45. Experiment with mixing weight training and cardio together with circuits

46. Read as many weight loss books as you can

47. Avoid alcohol and late nights as it DOES impact on fat loss training and progress

48. Don’t hang around ‘junk food friends’ at times you know you will cheat

49. Go to the shops on a full stomach

50. Drink a glass of water before every meal

51. Avoid diuretic fat loss gimmicks as the weight loss will only be water

52. Keep a record of the foods you eat during the day

53. Measure your calories for everything you eat for one whole week (you’ll be surprised)

54. Start developing habits that foster weight loss like eating at the right time and not using food as an emotional crutch

55. Add more resistance to your workouts by increasing the weight, leverage or anything else you can to make it more difficult

56. Let your work mates and your family know you are trying to lose weight - they will support you

57. Turn dreams into goals by writing them down and regularly reading them

58. Read and research into everything you put into your mouth - calories and unhealthy substances can be squeezed into many places

59. Make short term goals and long term goals achievable and measure your progress regularly

60. Take days off - its ok to relax occasionally

61. Don’t worry too much about progress - enjoy the fitness

62. Train outdoors - sun and air are good for you

63. Watch shows like The Biggest Loser for inspiration

64. Read about the health problems associated with being over weight and get determined

65. Drink more water

66. Hire a personal trainer if you find it really hard to get motivated

67. If you are lazy at home join a gym

68. Do cardio with up-beat music

69. Don’t get sidetracked by gossiping to the hot guy/girl at the next treadmill

70. Buy a nice pair of shorts or t-shirt that you want to (realistically) be able to fit in by summer

71. Don’t be self-conscious at the gym - no one cares

72. Milk is good for you - don’t cut it out on account of losing weight

73. Just do it - stop making excuses

74. Use big compound weight training exercises like the squat, bench press, chin up, dip, military press and deadlift instead of isolation exercises

75. Avoid fancy gym machines and just use free weights

76. If you’re really bored with free weights, try gym machines for variety

77. Try and relate your weight loss goals to helping people - it helps

78. When you are struggling to take another step on your jog pick an item in the distance and aim for it

79. Read inspiration stories about sports champions

80. Attend sport matches like football, athletics and bodybuilding contests

81. Instead of weighing yourself use a tape measure

82. Use maths in weight loss - ie one bowl of iced cream cut out of your diet each night = 10 mins less on the treadmill tomorrow

83. Eat less man made food

84. Opt for organic foods and unprocessed things

85. Learn that you cannot ’spot reduce’ - fat comes off from the whole body not just one section

86. Muscle and fat do not co-exist well so build some muscle

87. Take spas, massages, etc. to help muscles recover faster - thus being able to train more

88. Never train through injuries or when muscles are still sore

89. High intensity training is harder and better - don’t believe hype about low intensity cardio burning more fat - high intensity keeps your heart rate up long after you leave the track

90. Stretch muscles that are sore and stretch before, during and after training

91. See a doctor before doing hard weight loss stuff

92. 3500 calories = one pound of fat - diet is more important that hours on the treadmill

93. Skipping meals won’t burn fat - keep your metabolism burning by eating more often

94. Hot water will burn calories as well as being a Chinese medicine. Cold water will do the same

95. Replace a smaller meal with a protein shake - liquid food is better for you

96. Don’t waste your money on pills or quick fixes - change your habits

97. Never sacrifice your health to lose a bit of fat

98. Be creative with cardio - running and biking isn’t the only way

99. Never train for more than one hour at a time

100.If you lose motivation, re-check your goals and ambitions and make them firm

101.Drink more water!

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