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Ask the Doc

Posted: 11/04/2014

Think you can increase your sports performance with age??

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Keeping Fit at Home: Helpful Tips from Your Dunwoody Fitness Center

Posted: 02/09/2014

It’s hard enough to keep fit during summer, even more so during winter. If you can’t visit a fitness center, here are some workout tips for you to do at home.

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Exploiting Your Personal Trainer's Knowledge Can Give You The Fitness Edge

Posted: 09/19/2012

A personal trainer has a wealth of knowledge and information that you can use to your advantage to really give yourself an edge in your fitness routine!   If you open yourself up to really learn from your trainer, you can achieve your weight loss and fitness goals much more easily and much more quickly. 

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Heart Healthy, Healthy You

Posted: 02/10/2012

Personal Trainers & Fitness Experts Dunwoody Heart candies, heart shaped valentines and chocolate hearts are everywhere this time of year, but the heart that should be getting your undivided attention everyday is the one in your chest that works 24/7 to power your body and fuel your internal system. As the powerhouse of your body, the heart needs to run in tip-top shape...

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Fitness Trends

Posted: 02/03/2012

Personal Trainers & Fitness Experts DunwoodyThe fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. And it has continued to be over the last 20+ years. Americans are heavier, less fit, and unhealthier more than ever. Thus giving rise to a myriad of fitness, nutrition, and weight loss solutions. Some good. Some not so good. The American College of Sports...

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How to form positive habits

Posted: 01/26/2012

Personal Trainers & Fitness Experts Dunwoody Creating REAL CHANGE:How to form positive habits and a NEW YOU!Ever wonder why some people get great results from their workouts or their normal eating routine?  What makes them different?   How do they do it?  Usually it’s 1 or 2 simple habits. All of us face two choices in life and it usually...

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Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

Posted: 01/10/2012

Personal Trainers & Fitness Experts Dunwoody As New Year’s resolutions gain popularity this time of year, many jump on the bandwagon of losing weight, getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle. While we all can benefit from making these types of positive lifestyle changes, most resolutions fizzle out, unfortunately, before they even have a chance to settle in....

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Read Our Mental Muscle Monday E Newsletter!

Posted: 04/21/2010

Personal Trainers & Fitness Experts Dunwoody August 4th, 2010 - All Over Muscle ToningJuly 4th, 2010 - The Path To Flat AbsJune 4th, 2010 - Fitness And Your TeenagerApril 21st, 2010 - 14 Ways To Add Variety To Your WalksApril 12, 2010 - Eating For Better Blood Sugar March 22nd, 2010 - How Hard Do You Really Have To Work?March 15th, 2010 - Exercise To Boost...

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Offer The Gift Of Health This Holiday Season!

Posted: 12/01/2009

Personal Trainers & Fitness Experts Dunwoody This Holiday season, show the one's you care about just how much you care by investing in their health and well being. Every year, millions of people make New Year's Resolutions to lose weight and get in shape. Every year for Christmas or Hanukah, people wish to be thin - to be healthy - to look good. Why not make that wish...

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Fitness Together Offers Wellness Presentation For Northside Anesthesiology Consultants

Posted: 11/05/2009

Personal Trainers & Fitness Experts Dunwoody The Fitness Together Georgia Co-op gave their second Lunch and Learn presentation of the year.  The Fitness Together team, consisting of Russ Yeager (Owner of Dunwoody, Alpharetta and Norcross) Katie Warechowski (owner of East Cobb), and Kelly Huggins (Owner of Sandy Springs) went on site to Northside Anesthesiology...

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