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What results?

Posted By: Scott Baumann, Operating Partner Fitness Together Miami on 05/24/2012

Results. How do we define results? What are results? Most people who begin an exercise program do so because they want results. And most people who quit their exercise programs do so because they have not seen “results”. It is important to define results and be realistic about what those can be and, even more importantly, should be.

You don’t have to lose 30 lbs, wear a size 4 or have a six-pack set of abs to get great results. It is not realistic for anyone who is not extremely genetically gifted, and willing to follow a RIDICULOUSLY strict diet and extreme exercise program, to have a goal of looking like someone on the cover of a fitness magazine. (And by the way, they are generally all airbrushed and using performance enhancing drugs.) I am sorry if that ruins your day but it is the truth. However, there is more to the story. If you can let go of unrealistic expectations and focus on “real” results, you will be happy.

Who cares if the 45 year old mother of three never gets back in a size 4? The fact that she can rock a sexy size 8, beat the heck out of most 25 year olds in the gym and still turn heads is pretty darn awesome!

Who cares if the 50 year old man doesn’t have a 32 inch waist? A 36 inch waist looks pretty cool when it’s beneath a strong back and shoulders, solid arms and beats the youngsters in a 5K!

Who cares is the 65 year old who has never exercised before still can’t run very fast? They have more energy to chase after their grandkids and will live a longer and more fulfilling life because of their new exercise program.

Who cares if the girl who has always been heavy and insecure is still not “skinny”? She is strong, confident, happy, fit, fast, and athletic now and she can kick your *ss!

That is what results are all about people. Now put down the Muscle and Fitness magazine and get to the gym. :-)

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