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Turkey Day Pre-Feast Workout

Nov 19, 2015

Turkey Day Pre-Feast Workout Thanksgiving is just around the corner and just because we are excusing our nutritional guidelines for one day and allowing ourselves to eat almost anything we want doesn’t mean you need to be a “turkey” and excuse yourself from your workout! There are plenty of ways to get some exercise in before the big feast such as doing a 5k (almost every town has one the morning of thanksgiving) or do the routine I posted below (shouldn’t take more than 30minutes). Getting a good workout in before you begin your activities for the day is a great idea since most of us will either be moving very little, watching football and eating, drinking a little more than we should, and continuing most of those things the following couple of days. It is essential to keep moving and not create excuses for yourself because those excuses always turn into multiple excuses that can last for a long time. Don’t regress, you can exercise and eat your turkey too!

15Push Ups
15 Reverse Lunges (Each Leg)
30Second Wall Sit1:00 Moving Plank
→ Repeat 5 Times

Mark out about a 40yard distanceRun 40yards at 75%max speed and back peddle back or jog back. → Repeat 5times Or run 1.5 miles under 12:00


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