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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Mary O

Weston, MA

I started at FT on April 29, 2008 (5 years ago). After two winters of surgery and crutches, I need help getting fit. I had my stroke in July 2008. My neurologist encouraged me to get back to my normal routine as soon as I could.
I love coming to FT, it is the best part of my day, getting me up and going. I have the energy for my job and the strength to take care of my granddaughters, who are both now over 20 lbs. I am fit and strong and will soon be 65, though most people don't believe me. I think FT has helped keep me younger looking.

Scott N

Weston, MA

After ten years of gradual weight gain from a busy but physically inactive lifestyle, I joined fitness together with the goal of getting back in shape and losing some weight. Brian and his team at Fitness Together team helped me set goals and develop a realistic plan to achieve them. Six months later, I am l much healthier, feeling great, and down 30 pounds*—results that I had never been able to achieve on my own. Most importantly, working with FT has helped me make lifestyle changes to improve my fitness and nutrition while also meeting the demands of work and family.

I always look forward to my workouts, which are challenging and effective, but also realistic and achievable. The program has worked well for me because Brian and his team are fun and easy to work with, but also constantly challenging and motivating me. I find that all of the trainers have a very good sense of my abilities and know how and when to push me to the next level. As a result, I have quickly progressed from pretty basic workouts to doing exercises that were challenging even when I was younger and in shape. Although I have achieved many of my initial goals, I know I will continue to benefit from the support and motivation from the Fitness Together team and would recommend them to anyone looking to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Cat N

Weston, MA

My experience at Fitness Together – Lincoln has been very rewarding. I originally joined because I wanted to get back into shape for my 20th college reunion. Working with a personal trainer was new to me and I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was a knowledgeable, friendly staff who challenged me with workouts that combined strength training and cardio conditioning. After a year and a half, the sessions continue to be very effective and efficient because the trainers regularly update them as my fitness level improves. I am never bored and always feel like I have given 100% during each session.

My friends and family have all noticed the impact that Fitness Together has had on me – I have gone down two dress sizes!* In addition to achieving my weight loss goal, I have become stronger, more flexible, and have more endurance. I can’t imagine a week without my sessions with Brian and his staff.

Erica M

Lincoln, MA

"I've been coming to FT for almost as long as they've been in Lincoln. My trainers keep me motivated and I have a ton of fun working out with them. Plus, Brian's challenges have me working hard. I haven't won one yet, but I will keep trying!"

Beth D

Lincoln, MA

"I'd been going to my old gym and working with a trainer for years without seeing results. Fitness Together combined a nutrition plan and an exercise program that helped me lose 10 pounds in a couple of months*...I feel great, and I feel better about myself! Brian and Bethany rock!"

Mitch R

Lincoln, MA

"I've always worked out, but I used to either make slow progress or pushed too hard and got injured. In the 1.5 years I've been working out at FT I've made better progress than ever before and never once injured myself."

Sara B

Lincoln, MA

"FT is a great place because Brian and the staff make working out hard and fun. Where else could I throw a 14 pound ball and aim for my trainer's head? Every time I come to FT, I am encouraged, cheered on, and feel supported in working towards my fitness goals. And I love the Fitness Challenges-in spite of breaking an elliptical, hurting my heel last week, and pulling something in my stomach, I kept working out and going for my team. The camaraderie and competition make us all work harder, and I love it!"

Cheryl B

Lincoln, MA

"At 65 I had never thought about personal training. I had an awakening when I realized that my weight and fitness were rolling down the wrong hill. FT has been a good investment. The structure, the custom training and the humor have helped me move forward more that I could have done on my own. I'm not saying it was easy, but it was workable while keeping that challenging edge. I thank the staff for their expertise and encouragement."

Jay M

Lincoln, MA

"Fitness Together has been the ideal solution for my overall health and fitness needs. The combination of personal training, cardio equipment and nutritional advice, in a private and friendly setting, has worked for me in a way that no gym ever could. Brian and his staff are qualified and caring professionals who make strenuous workouts enjoyable."

Nancy D

Burlington, MA

I started at Fitness Together Lincoln a year ago because I had changed jobs and my new position required much more stamina than my previous office position. I realized I didn’t have the strength or stamina I needed to succeed. I then I received a mailing from Fitness Together and made a life-changing call.

I can’t say enough about my trainer’s professionalism during the past year. They both knew when to push me and when to ease off. The ability to work with more than one trainer was ideal for me. It allowed me the opportunity to change my workouts when I needed it most. Even with an old shoulder injury, the trainers found effective ways to train and motivate me in order to reach my goals. My trainers are concerned about my goals and are sincere. I appreciate that very much.

I ‘m thrilled I decided to invest in my future by joining Fitness Together. I have no regrets. I have new healthy habits and great confidence in myself. I have lost weight and inches.* Thanks to all of you who played an important role in my journey. It’s been a year now and I feel great!

Nick M

Lincoln, MA

With Fitness Together I lost 30 pounds in 6 months.* Over the previous 15 years I had steadily been gaining weight and growing in waist size despite an active lifestyle; playing sports and participating in a variety of outdoor activities.

At my wife's urging to try something different, I joined FT and under their guidance adjusted my diet, exercise and made a firm commitment to follow the routine devised. I had modest expectations and was amazed at the effectiveness and speed with which the transformation began.

Key to this success has been the supportive and fun atmosphere provided at FT through one-on-one training with none of the distractions or possibilities for excuses of larger, impersonal gyms.

Throughout the process, and somewhat to my surprise, I have enjoyed and looked forward to each session. Today I may well be in the best shape of my life and wear the same pant size as I did in high school. People notice and as you can imagine, I feel great!

Vinny P

Lincoln, MA

I can't begin to express the gratitude I have toward you and your team at FT for the fantastic results you have assisted me in achieving, I have struggled with weight issues for most of my adult life. Once I hit 40, the struggle became even harder and I began accepting the fact that I was losing the weight loss battle.

I saw FT advertisements and mailers but ignored them until April of this year when I finally dragged myself out of the house and over to the fitness studio. After only several minutes, I felt a tremendous level of trust and confidence that my fitness goals are as important to FT as they are to me. This confidence helped to renew my enthusiasm and dedication toward my new fitness goals.

I have never come close to the results that am experiencing from the short time that I've been working with my trainer. I joined FT at the end of April 2008 and have lost 40 pounds in 3 months and reduced my body fat 10%.* Most importantly, I can run and play with my two young children for hours without my body giving out. That's the most rewarding factor. Of course the "Vinny, you look great"! comments haven't hurt either!

My only regret is that I didn't take advantage of your services sooner. I look forward to even more challenging and rewarding fitness sessions for years to come!