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The Impact of Water on Your Body

Nov 9, 2011

Everyone knows that drinking water is great for you body, but most people really do not know why. Here are 7 ways that water is an asset to your body.

  1. Your kidneys will function better because they need water to filter waste from your blood. This is important, especial as you are trying to lose body fat. It is hard enough to lose weight through exercise, so stay hydrated so fat won’t have a chance!
  2. Hydration is important for brain function and has been shown in studies to keep your mood stable and memory sharp, which leads to high production. Furthermore, research has hypothesized that dehydration can temporarily reduce oxygen flow to the brain, leaving you distracted.
  3. Proper hydration keeps proper elasticity in your skin. This does not mean wrinkles. (That comes from soap, dry air etc..)
  4. Adequate hydration will help cells perform more efficiently by providing proper waste removal and lubricant to the joints leading to high muscular performance.
  5. Your bloodstream function will improve causing the release of heat to be more efficient. (Sweat and red face when you exercise) When you are dehydrated it takes high demand to trigger heat removal and thus you stay hotter longer.
  6. Water also helps to keep your mouth, lips, and throat moist.
  7. Dehydration will lower blood volume, forcing your heart to work harder. This will make all physical activities (even walking up stairs) harder for you.

Staying hydrated is an easy way to improve your overall health. An easy guide to remember is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. If you have trouble drinking that much water make sure you eat fruits and vegetables as they are high in water content.

Cucumbers are great they are mostly water and have a low calorie content compared to items like apples and plums.

Learn more about the benefits of water in our next blog!


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