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The Days are Getting Shorter

Dec 9, 2015

The days are getting shorter and for most of us our drive to work and drive home from work are in the dark, and to make it even worse some of us don’t even work next to a window making daylight practically non-existent Monday-Friday. This can make our motivation to workout or even get up from our desks almost disappear and make our goals seem even harder to reach than before. Don’t let this get to you and keep achieving your goals! Here are some quick tips:

-Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. If you drink coffee make sure you drink at least 8ounces of water per cup of coffee as it dehydrates you and even though it has caffeine can make you feel even more tired.
-Stand for at least 15 minutes an hour-
Even if you bring your own lunch eat it in a stimulating environment and make sure the food you eat will help sustain and provide you with energy and not drag you down and make you feel tired. For example: A slice of pizza is not a great idea.
-Working out even if it’s a light to moderate workout filled with mobility and stretching will still help provide you with more energy and get you a better night sleep setting you up for a great day when you wake up.


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