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The 4 Minute Workout: Tabata

Mar 25, 2015

The 4 Minute Workout: Tabata

Yep you read that correctly, 4 minutes is all you need for an effective workout (the warmup will take longer than this). If you try and tell me you don’t have the time for this workout you need to get your priorities straight. The 4 minute workout is based on a Tabata style of workout. Last week I talked about the benefits of Tabata workouts and how you should try it, well now you will! But first lets talk more about what happens when you do a Tabata and the history for you guys. Professor Izumi Tabata came up with this style of HIIT workouts initially involving Olympic speed skaters back in the 70’s. The study/workout is 20 seconds of intense exercise (with an intensity of about 170% of VO2max) followed by 10 seconds off, repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 rounds). Basically you are going all out and you can’t go any faster. If done correctly you should be seeing stars and feel like you are going to puke, never said it was going to be easy smile emoticon

So lets pick the exercises for this 4 minutes of hell. Traditionally Tabata’s never used any exercise that could be considered resistance training so we will stick with tradition. The 4 exercises you can pick from are bike/spin bike, sprints, jump rope, rowing ergometer.

Warm Up: For at least 5-10 minutes
8 X 20 seconds on as fast as you can
10 seconds off
Cool Down: Walk for 4 minutes to bring your heart rate down

That’s it! This workout is not recommended for someone new to fitness because you will probably never workout again after this.

Have fun and if you have any questions feel free to shoot us a message!


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