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Stressfull and Bored Eating Leads to Extra Fat

Stressfull and Bored Eating Leads to Extra Fat

Matt Mann



If you are having a hard time losing body fat and find yourself reaching for food when you are stressed out or just plain bored try this simple strategy.

Keep a list of nonfood activities. Simple things, such as checking your email, doing a crossword puzzle, taking a walk or even a nap can help ward off that mindless eating that adds calories and ultimately body fat.

Remember, food is a fuel to help you function properly through out the day. It is not entertainment (at least not all the time) and it is not a reward. The quicker you begin to recognize that the short term "comfort" you get from food is more damaging than the long term affects of a healthy eating regime the sooner you will have the look and feel you have always wanted!


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