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Spot Reduction! - No Such Thing!

Apr 12, 2011

Not Unless you plan to get rid of your dog or remove that stain on your shirt.

Think about this example: If you take an empty glass and reach into a bath tub and remove a full glass of water, would you leave a big gaping whole of empty space from where you removed the water? NO, the overall amount of water in the tub would be less and the waterline would just be a little bit lower.

The same principle applies to your body. Targeting fat in certain areas of your body for "priority immediate removal" is not possible (unless you succumb toliposuction). No amount of sit ups or side bends is going to get rid of the fat that resides in your midsection. The best way to reduce your fat level is through consistent vigorous exercise and modifying your eating habits. The more your exercise, the more likely you are to reduce your body fat and increase your lean body mass.


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