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How to recover faster in between workouts!

Mar 23, 2016

How to recover faster in between workouts!

Make sure you are getting good restful sleep. If you have trouble with your sleep cycle like myself, try some melatonin.

Workout more! This may sound counter intuitive but training a sore muscle actually forces it to recover faster. Now, some common sense is needed for this tip. If you are sore to the point where it is very painful, then listen to your body and give it rest.

Foam rolling and stretching? These two things are excellent for keeping your muscles mobile but they actually do not do a whole lot for muscular recovery. When your muscles are sore it is because they have micro tears that take time, rest and protein to repair.

Get some sunlight! Sunlight = vitamin D and vitamin D does great things! Vitamin D helps with energy, healthy hormone levels and sleep.

Happy hump day everyone!


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