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Holiday Weight Gain

Dec 3, 2014

When you turn on your radio in your car and you surf through the stations, what do you hear?... That’s right, it’s Christmas music playing in the background. It is that time of year when you go to holiday parties, go out to eat, friends and coworkers are giving you cookies and every type of dessert imaginable.
So what is a person to do when Grandma has the cookie jar in one hand and her chef’s knife in the other (from the holiday ham she just cooked) telling you to take one?!

Fear not! These 5 strategies below will help you to have a game plan in your head, and beat the odds against holiday weight gain.

1) Why do you go to a holiday parties? If it’s to see friends and family then that should be the primary reason, not for the endless selection of appetizers. Spend time talking to people and away from the endless buffet.

2) When you show up to a professional football or baseball game and you didn’t eat beforehand what is on your mind when the smell of fried food and greasy burgers hits your nostrils? I can tell you one thing, it isn’t a salad. So before you walk into a party grab a healthy bite to eat so you aren’t tempted with holiday fare.

3) Limit the amount of alcohol you consume to a reasonable amount. What did you eat the last time you threw back a few too many cocktails at the office dinner party? I’ll bet it wasn’t just carrots and celery sticks.

4) Bring something to eat that you know you enjoy to eat. This way it makes you look good by being a gracious guest, but also helps to feed your own appetite and not feel like crap afterwards.

5) Stress is a huge contributor to weight gain anytime of the year. It adds up this time of the year when you have to worry about getting the perfect gifts for the special someone, making sure you got something for everyone on your Christmas list, travel plans, bad weather, no sunlight outside, not getting your Christmas bonus, etc. etc. So what do you think is going to happen when you are surrounded by every tasty treat that exists? That’s what I thought. This might be revolutionary…why don’t we try a workout!? It’s proven to help you sleep better, build muscle, increase energy, improves sexual performance and restores libido (bow chicka wow wow!), and lastly reduces stress depression and anxiety.


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