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Got low back pain?

Got low back pain?

Renato Capobianco

Got low back pain?

No surprise that many adults, especially men over 30, have chronic back pain. The cause of back pain can be many things ranging from congenital deformity to soft tissue complications. However, short of congenital or previous injury considerations, the vast majority of back pain can be attributed to two simple factors:


Think about how difficult it is to get out of your car after a long trip. Can you imagine what happens to your back after days, months and years of sitting at work for 6-8 hours a day?! All this sitting is tightening your hip flexors and stretching out your low back (...stretching out muscles without strengthening them is not good).

We humans are very good at ignoring what we can’t see - we see the front of our body and just focus on that...we don’t see our lower back but we sure do feel it when it hurts!

First step in dealing with low back pain is easy: sit less, exercise more,and stretch and strengthen you hip flexors and extensors.

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