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Fall Foods

Sep 16, 2015

Fall Foods

Apple pie, apple crisp, caramel apples, pumpkin pie, pumkin iced coffee, cider doughnuts, turkey, stuffing……..should I go on? If you are from New England these foods are almost unavoidable during the fall season and rightfully so because they are absolutely delicious. However, over indulging in these foods can be a huge problem and make for a major set back in ones fitness goals. If you follow these simple steps you will make it through this fall while still bein...g able to enjoy all of these wonderful foods!

1.) Keep up with your gym routine and add a day or mobility session if you can.
2.) If you are the one cooking these foods try substituting some of the unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones.
3.) Allow yourself to indulge but not over indulge. A good way to approach this is to fill up on a healthy snack to calm your appetite and cravings before placing yourself in a situation where you are hungry and have little to no healthy options.
4.) Take walks! Fall is the most gorgeous season in New England, take advantage of the scenery and beautiful weather while you can. Just because you aren’t sweating doesn’t mean you aren’t working.
5.) Enjoy life, food, friends, and family and try to keep stress to a minimum.


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