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Drink and lose weight!

Mar 4, 2015

Drink and lose weight!

I hope that got your attention, because if it didn’t I don’t know what will. Most people enjoy having a drink after work or on the weekends, myself included (If you are under 21 this article doesn’t apply to you, but you should check out this fun Shirley Temple drink recipe! Let’s be real, who didn’t have one of these as a kid and love to pick out the cherries?)

Recently I had a client of mine bring in her meals all written down for me and we went over her nutrition day to day, she asked some great questions. This client has a high stress job and enjoys wine after a stressful day at work. She then asked me if you can lose weight and keep drinking booze?

I’m so happy to say that you can! Welllllllll kind of…with proper understanding and some self-control (Meaning no binge drinking).
Understanding? So I can have anything I want? Well yes but some types of drinks are worse than others. So it also depends on what your goals are. The “healthiest” type of drink you can have is liquor neat or on the rocks, and if your get the good stuff it also tastes the best too.

You might be saying ewwwww, but if you grew up in my family and tried to mix Jack Daniels with coke you’d probably be taken out back and “taken care of.” To this day there is only one person that has survived mixing coke with JD at a family Thanksgiving and the dude is a 6’4’’ Green Beret… My mother still yelled at him.

The reason being is that the average liquor is 80-100 proof or 40-50% alcohol. Because it is so strong you are usually just sipping it so in essence you are getting more bang for your buck when you drink it. Rye Whiskey is one of my favorites, incase you want to give me an early Christmas present, and believe it or not it’s only 64 Calories per serving!

So what if the harder stuff isn’t your thing and you are still looking to lose weight and get your drink on?!

Well with wine you are shooting right around 130 calories for red and white per serving. Beer is between 100-200 depending on what kind it is (some of the really dark ones can be higher). I’m not even going to address mixed drinks because most of them are just sugar and will kill your goals, and give you an awful hangover too.

Okay now you’ve figured out how many calories are in the beverage you want to have. Lets say it’s a company party and things are about to get wild! If you order two double Rye Whiskey’s on the rocks it only comes to 256 calories! I wouldn’t recommend ordering two at a time because you might not have a job in the morning… Remember to sip them.

Now that you know the calories, you’ve decided it’s a two-beer kind of night. It is time to do the math and figure out where to fit these calories into your meal plan. It really is as simple as that. If there is something that you were going to eat earlier that day that you don’t enjoy simply don’t eat it, or trade it with something that has fewer calories in it. For myself I’ll usually make myself a smaller sandwich for lunch depending on what kind of night I’m planning for later. Should you cut calories out that you could eat while you are having that drink? Not really because if you have alcohol on an empty stomach you will probably regret that decision pretty fast.

So what is the main take away from this? Do the math find out how many calories you are consuming and were to take them out of your meals and I promise you will still lose weight.


P.S. If you are having trouble and need some help figuring this out feel free to reach out and we can figure it out, but you owe me a beer.


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