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Diet vs Exercise - Which one do you think has more influence over weight loss?

Apr 13, 2016

Diet vs Exercise - Which one do you think has more influence over weight loss?

Some people say it's 80% diet and I think that is a fine general answer, but lets take a deeper look at what is right for you.

To put it simply, the more intensely you exercise, the less you will have to worry about diet. Now, I do not want to stir any confusion here... You should always be conscious of your diet for the sake of your health - but in terms of WEIGHT LOSS - you could have fast food every day if you were training for a marathon. Good looks does not always equate to good health.

If you are someone that seems to find exercise much more of a chore than the average person, then you will need to rely more on your diet to lose weight. Getting less calories from carbohydrates is the fastest way to shed body fat if done correctly. Stay tuned for the details on this for next weeks post.

When exercising for weight loss, make sure you are exercising at an intense enough level. A good indicator of this is to feel at least some muscle fatigue after your workout. If you have ever wondered why training in the "fat burning zone" for hours doesn't do much for weight loss it is because that description is misleading.

When you train slowly for long distance your body does prefer to burn its calories from fat as opposed to carbs. However, because of this, your body will also want to store fat because it will want to adapt for the next "fat burning zone".

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