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7 fun ways to stay active on vacation

7 fun ways to stay active on vacation

Destination: Healthy Travel  

If you’ve got a vacation coming up and don’t want to undo all your hard  fitness work, check out these tips from Pete McCall, exercise physiologist with  the American  Council on Exercise:

1. Pick the right location. If you’re  still in the planning phase, look for hotels or rentals near a beach or park  where you can easily fit in lots of activities with your friends and family.  

2. Arm yourself. Find out if you can bring  bikes or rent them where you’re staying for a fun, active way to explore. Or,  bring sports equipment like a Frisbee, kickball, football, or softball equipment  to play on the beach or in a park.

3. Do a little homework. Scout out a yoga studio or  gym before you go, and check if you can get a day or week pass.

How Not To Get Sick On Vacation  

4. Focus your efforts. Instead of floating  around the pool and calling it good, set aside 20 to 30 minutes where you’ll  exercise with moderate intensity, and then stretch afterward.

5. Expand your fitness horizons. Try new  activities, like surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, or mountain biking. But one  word of caution: Be honest about your skill level—nothing kills a happy vacation  vibe like an injury. 

6. Sip smartly. When your vacation  destination is 10 to 15 degrees warmer than you’re used to, make it a point to  hydrate often. If you’re drinking more alcohol than usual, drink even more water  to make up for alcohol’s dehydrating effect.

7. Plan for your return. Consider coming  home a day early to give yourself time to stock your kitchen with healthy food for the coming week—and upload all your fabulous  vacation pics to Facebook.