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5 Quick Tips to a Better Post Workout Recovery

Aug 16, 2011

To obtain the best results from you workout program follow these 5 tips to for a great recovery. Regeneration is an important step in your training as it will boost your immune system, increases your energy and improve your performance and results.

1. A good sleep allows your body to reset and regenerate. Many of us consider sleep a luxury, but do your best to get in a routine sleep of at least 7 hours a night.

2. Water, Water, Water. Hydration plays a key role in many functions of the body, but particularly in fat mobilization. Drink on average half your body weight in ounces. After a grueling workout you will need to replace the water you just sweat out.

3. Stretching can be a great way to maintain flexibility and teach your muscles how to contract and relax in a new, proper range of motion.

4. Your body is starving for protein after a workout. Try a protein shake with some fruit mixed in. Protein helps your muscles recover and become stronger. It is also a key factor in moving fat out of your body!

5. Massage! Need I say more! Ideally get a professional massage. The next best thing is a foam roller. This will help to roll out tight muscles ensuring a quicker recovery and improve your range of motion.

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