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3 Hot Weather Tips

Jul 21, 2011

With some of the hottest days of the year currently beating down on all of us, athletes who are training during this weather can follow a couple simple tips to stay safe.

1. Drink a MINIMUM of 2 16 oz. waters during your 1st hour of training. If you continue exercising past 60 minutes, switch to Gatorade during the 2nd hour.

2. Absolutely do not train for more than 2 hours straight unless you are in a climate controlled environment (like a hockey rink)

3. Although many people find it hard to eat as much on hot days, especially when they are active, it is CRITICAL that you continue eating small snacks or meals throughout the day. It is already easy to get lightheaded and dizzy when its almost 100 degrees out, without food you run the risk of passing out for sure.

Stay hydrated, eat small snacks on a regular basis, and avoid long workouts. Do these 3 things and you will put yourself in a much safer position when exercising in extreme heat.

Stay cool!

Jim Herrick

Thanks to Jim Herrick for this blog post. Jim is a friend of mine that runs an athlete's performance center. In fact, Jim was my first trainer as a high school athlete many years ago.

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