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As we continue to monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), 
we are taking steps to help protect the health and well-being of our customers and partners. 

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Now Offering Live 1:1 VIRTUAL Personal Training

Now Offering
Live 1:1 VIRTUAL Personal Training

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Live 1:1 Virtual Personal Training brings a personal trainer into the comfort of your own space, making it easy to personalize your workout plan on your own time so you can reach your goals.

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Personal Training in Knoxville

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Ever wonder why killing yourself in the weight room, buying the latest greatest diet book, or waking up early to get your morning run in may help you feel like you're getting in better shape - but still falls short? That’s because you might need the right strength, cardio and nutrition approaches all working together. Our proprietary systems work in harmony, utilizing the most current science for a complete fitness solution*:

Aspire 8 resistance training program utilizes personal assessments, functional cross-muscular training approaches, and periodization techniques to change things up for continued results.*

Cardio Together offers a customized cardio prescription that combines fartlek, interval, and tempo workouts with a focus on exercise frequency, intensity, duration and progression to help achieve maximum results.*

Nutrition Together offers an educational and accountability framework to improve your eating lifestyle. By eating the right foods, the right portions and the right frequency, along with our other programs the results can be truly amazing.*

Train, Recover, Repeat Any experienced exerciser knows that it isn't just about training hard and eating right; your body needs to fully recover from the demands of exercise in order to get stronger!  At Fitness Together - Northshore, we have specialty small group classes that focus on yoga, self myofascial release (foam rolling), and functional flexibility to keep your muscles fresh, loose, and ready to train hard again.  In addition we offer private therapeutic massage.




  • "Working out at Fitness Together has improved my life. My doctor believes it’s keep me from developing high blood pressure and diabetes. I’m a little over weight and no one judges me with their looks. All of the trainers are professional. I truly enjoy working out with my fellow PACK class members. Since I have an appointment, I make sure I attend. I don’t want to let down my trainers or PACK classmates. "   ― D. S.

  • "Professional trainers"   ― J. T.

  • "I often give credit to Fitness Together for my weight loss. The consistency of having an appointment to work our takes the "I don't feel like it today" excuse out of the conversation. The positive attitude of the trainers, and their cooperation in meeting fitness goals have also been helpful, as I have continued to work out through preparation for a hip replacement and its aftermath."   ― K. P.

  • "My trainers over the 10 years I have been a client have been so professional and inspiring. Cannot say enough good things!"   ― J. M.

  • "I met Rufus first. He provided a welcoming and informative orientation to Fitness Together. Rufus is very devoted to health and fitness and to helping others achieve success. He did not employ any high pressure sales tactics, took me through a mini workout, and answered any questions I had. Most of my experience has been with Jamie. Jamie is very professional. She is punctual with appointment times, always encouraging, conscientious, provides helpful nutritional information, and "beats me up" with every workout! I would recommend the services of Rufus and his professional staff to anyone looking to tone-up, lose some unwanted pounds, desiring to get into a fitness routine, or just wanting to feel healthier overall."   ― J. P.

  • "Friendly, knowledgable, qualified, considerate, personal focus."   ― K. P.

  • "I love that all trainers know my name. I participated in the PACK classes. The trainers encourage me to do my best every work out. They know my strength and my weakness. Since I have a standing reservation three days a week to work. I go. I don’t want to disappoint the others in class or my trainer. I have never worked out at a gym for three years until now. I love this place. I’m so glad I gave it a chance three and half years ago. My health and physical fitness has improved over this time. I would highly recommend Fitness Together to anyone. It’s great for all fitness levels. "   ― D. S.

  • "Great trainers that listen to your needs and encourages you. Keeps you motivated and wanting to come back. "   ― T. &. J. M. (.

  • "Trainers are true professionals that inspire success."   ― J. M.

  • "I appreciate that trainers are vigilant about form. It would be easy for me to hurt myself lifting weights, so I am glad someone is looking out for me!"   ― K. P.

  • "Great staff, great atmosphere! They always are great with the fact I bring my kids. "   ― J. S.

  • "Friendliness of all staff, whether your assigned trainer or just in-house while you are there. Encouraging me to meet my goals and beyond. Consideration expressed for various physical limitations which may be transitory, and creating alternatives. Accommodation of vacation/other scheduling changes. Staff attitudes that ensure I feel better when I leave than when I arrived. Great sense oh humor of my trainers and other staff."   ― S. H.

  • "Great personal programs. Terrific instructors. "   ― J. Z.

  • "I believe they are very knowledgable and do their best to help you achieve your best workout."   ― K. P.

  • "The convenience of the location, the flexibility of the workout routine, the privacy of the workout and the smaller scale of the facility."   ― J. N.

  • "Very Knowledgeable, personable, caring trainers! Good facilities! Personalized programs!"   ― R. F.

  • "I’ve trained at Fitness Together for more than a decade. The trainers are attentive to their clients’ individual needs and have helped me build muscle, lose fat and gain strength. "   ― S. S.

  • "1000% I would recommend Fitness Together to any person at any age. "   ― D. B.

  • "Skilled, professional and caring staff dedicated to driving the client to meet their objectives. "   ― J. M.

  • "I enthusiastically recommend Fitness Together because the consistency and accountability of having a set number of appointments each week has yielded excellent results in my case, and for others in my family as well. Additionally, the friendliness of the staff, and the positive attitudes keep me coming back!"   ― K. P.

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