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Two types of core strength

Feb 20, 2014

Written by Thomas Plummer

There are two types of core strength. The obvious one comes from quality training and reflects hours spent in your gym, but the other type of core strength is defined as who you are and how you live your life. True internal core strength is reflected in all the values that combine to make you who you are, such as integrity, professionalism, compassion, patience, empathy for those who struggle and perseverance. When someone who is deconditioned starts a workout program, no sane coach would load a bar beyond the person's ability to handle it, yet we often make that mistake in our own lives. You see this in people who go to some type of motivational workshop, get really inspired, and then lose that energy in a few weeks. This happens because the change was superficial and was easily lost due to the person's true core strength being weak. In other words, there is no change unless the core belief system changes to match the desired motivational change. True core strength can be built, but can never be completed and will be a lifetime project. If you want permanent change in your life, look internally first and make sure your true core is strong because if it is weak nothing you seek in life will be accomplished. You are who you are because of your core values and everything good in life stems from that center.


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