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The Winner is In!

Dec 2, 2010

After much deliberation, our judges selected Julie, one of the original members of Fitness Together, Northampton as our Total Training Contest winner. Julie has always been physically active and was coming to FT for a few years as a regular client when she suddenly found herself wheelchair bound on her 60th birthday due to osteoporosis. She had six breaks in her leg and three in her arm and could not come to terms with the thought that this is how the rest of life would look. Through her diligence, tenacity and dedication to health and fitness, Julie made an amazing recovery, "the day my doctor cleared me I called Brandon" she recounts. Currently, Julie owns a marketing research firm and has recently started a company which will be building earthbag homes for underprivileged families in Nicaragua this spring: "It's a rare occurrence to transition into the most physically demanding job you've had in life at this age, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Winning this competition is going to give me the foundation I need to springboard into my next chapter." Julie is very excited to jump into the challenge of strength training, cardio, and nutritional counseling. We wish her the best on her journey to health, fitness and an exciting life change. Stay tuned to hear about Julie's progress!


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