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Triathlon Press Release

Aug 19, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday August 19, 2010.

Fitness Together Trains Women for their 1st Triathlon

Ryanne Carmichael, a Personal Trainer at Fitness Together, Northampton is training seven women for their first triathlon: “I did my first triathlon five years ago and found it a great way to revive my competitive spirit while getting into an overall fit lifestyle. The friendly and supportive multisport community makes it all the more enjoyable.”

Carmichael, who holds a M.S. in Exercise Science, found herself training a group that is equal parts eclectic and extraordinary. Among the trainees are Fran Hutchins, a student of Business and Public Policy at UMass; Kate Glynn, a local business owner; Kim O’Leary, a colleague at Fitness Together; Mindy Grant who is training for a 50 mile bike race; and Kerry Merchant, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is using the training to keep her energy up during treatment and as a way to develop a positive lifestyle moving forward. “Training with this group has been tremendously rewarding. I’ve seen them grow as athletes and become empowered by that process” says Carmichael.

Each member participates in the ten week plan that includes individual workouts at Fitness Together specific to their needs and background as well as outdoor group training twice a week. The training is focused mostly on volume building so that participants are prepared to complete the distance through progressively difficult group swims, rides, runs and brick workouts--where two disciplines are combined into one to simulate the race. “The main benefit of group-based, event-specific training is enhanced accountability which is essential to maintain motivation for an endurance activity such as a triathlon or similar sport” says Fitness Together owner, Brandon Reed. “The relationships you develop as a trainer and the team support you witness between clients are powerfully inspiring and reciprocal.”

The triathlon is hosted by FIRM, the largest race promotion company in the Northeast, and takes place Saturday, August 29th at 8AM with a 1/2 mile swim, 17 mile bike ride and a 3.5 mile run at Chicopee State Park.

Fitness Together offers group and individual trainings for people who benefit from hands on instruction regardless of age or ability. To learn more about Fitness Together, and for race results, visit



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