The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
take the first step

Get Started with a complimentary consultation

Our comprehensive fitness program begins with a no strings attached free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you. If we are, we’ll get the ball rolling on some fantastic results.

  • "Absolutely love my workouts. Private- one on one attention to how you are doing the exercises and tailored to what you want to target"   ― J. F.

  • "Fun focused training I get stronger every day Great staff Great facility Great clients too "   ― A. M.

  • "Most of the staff I’ve worked with are intuitive, knowledgeable, friendly and serious about my individual needs... Just the right mix of focus and personality."   ― C. S.

  • "Workouts are productive and feel tailored to my needs. "   ― E. R.

  • "Personalized, courteous, professional, prompt, effective and fun! i used to hate exercising; now I look forward to it. "   ― J. Z.

  • "The trainers are very professional, great knowledge. The atmosphere at the gym is very friendly and non-judgmental, which is very important for me because I am a person who is out of shape after not exercising for many years. Thank you"   ― M. D.

  • "You provide custom training and conditioning programs for any athletic objective."   ― M. P.

  • "Fantastic trainers. "   ― J. R.

  • "The trainers are excellent. Knowledgeable and dedicated to doing a great job."   ― P. K.

  • "I love the individual attention!"   ― L. V.

  • "I like not having a set routine. Doing different overall body exercises each week keeps the workouts fresh. "   ― J. F.

  • "Staff, facilities, program."   ― G. P.

  • "I like the low-pressure environment and thoughtful personal attention. It's like therapy for getting in shape. I felt confident that my trainer was knowledgeable and making sure I was doing things in ways that were safe for my body. I barely felt self-conscious doing exercises while being observed, which surprised me. It was a very comfortable, judgement-free environment. Didn't know that could be a thing! Pleasantly surprised. "   ― L. B.

  • "Everything. I continue to be so impressed by all of the trainers."   ― S. G.

  • "I think Michael is a terrific trainer, and very attuned to my needs. "   ― S. B.

  • "I love the individual workouts as I always work as hard as I can. As a result I am improving rapidly. I consider FT by best health insurance and have never felt stronger. I wish there were access to more trainers. They all are good but they are working within their range of favorite workouts. This can lead to redundant exercises each time. Working with all the trainers would widen the scope for me and ensuring a really all round workout over time. "   ― E. F.

  • "I have enjoyed training withal fitness together they help to keep me motivated to work out consistently "   ― P. D.

  • "Good trainers. Individual attention. The ability to work around injuries. Scheduling is easy, space is available. I have worked with you for over 10 years. Solid solid solid."   ― D. S.

  • "Every trainer has so many different ways to work on the muscles that I want to strengthen. I never get bored and I am noticeably getting stronger "   ― L. K.

  • "Challenging personalized workouts with excellent trainers!"   ― B. H.

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