Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

After *

Angelo G.

Angelo aka "Lo" worked extremely hard over the course of 4 months to regain his health and take back his life.  He increased his energy on a day to day basis, while decreasing his weight (*45 lbs.), his bodyfat composition (*6.5%), and inches on key circumference points throughout his body (*25.75 total inches lost).  The key number here is *6.5% bodyfat, which means he lost a majority of his weight in fat and not lean mass!


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Mary Anne

Mary said:

"Results come from inspiration, motivation, and dedication.  At Fitness Together the team is full of experts in training, and they make getting results fun.  They provide the inspiration, motivation and dedication to my success. I match their dedication by showing up.  I am now much stronger, have better balance, and, I am down more than 20 pounds.  These results came from our work together and I am still improving thanks to the team.”

We said:

“Mary Anne committed a lot to make her complete healthy lifestyle change. She understands that time and adherence to our program yields positive results.  Mary Anne is one of our most dedicated members!”


*Lost 21 lbs

*Lost  3% Body fat

*Lost 5 inches off waist

*Lost 3.2 points on her BMI


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Cheryl said:

"Fitness Together is not only a place to work out, but a place that you can go and feel comfortable to achieve your personal fitness goals. They always smiled, knew my name, and were extremely motivational to help push me further than I could have ever done alone. They got me in shape for my wedding and allowed me to gain more personal confidence to reach my fitness goals.”

We said:

"Cheryl got everything and more from what she put into her training regimen.  She did her cardio, was consistent with personal training, and put the right food into her body to fuel her metabolism.  A+ effort from Cheryl!”



*Lost 4.1% Body fat

*Lost 3.25 inches on her waist

*Lost 4 inches on her hips


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Joe said:

“I have been a client at Fitness Together in Morris Plains since January of 2013.  I have individualized training three days per week.  I joined when I was 65 years old in order to minimize the effects of aging. What has totally impressed me about Fitness Together is the personal atmosphere of the exercise studio.  I have worked with several trainers during my membership and all have been extremely diligent and conscientious about crafting an individualized program for my needs.  As a result of my tenure, I have lost over 35 pounds and have become more fit.  Many of my joint aches and pains have diminished or completely gone away.  I find the team at FT totally focused on the client and their specific needs.  This is no “cookie-cutter” operation.  They are flexible when necessary in adjusting schedules.  I would highly recommend FT for an excellent specialized exercise experience.”


We said:

"Joe has always made it a point to carve time out of his busy schedule to exercise. Joe made the necessary life changes to achieve all of his planned goals. It wouldn’t be the same without Joe here. His hilarious sense of humor, and positive outlook on life around the studio are contagious."



*Lost 35 lbs.


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Jim said:

“I have been training at Fitness Together for over a year now and have been very happy with my results.  Prior to joining, I had occasionally worked out on my own until I injured my back.  I gained the most weight of my life, became lazy with no energy and decided I needed to do something to snap out of my rut, but was concerned still about my back.  As I was approaching my 50th birthday, I thought I would try personal training to ensure a good workout while making sure I did not further injure myself.  I was nervous at first, but soon came to realize that the entire staff of trainers are friendly, experienced, and take interest in your success and tailor each workout to help you reach and exceed your personal goals.  Each one of them have a tremendous amount of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge to make each session with you the best it can be.  My overall fitness has improved, seeing changes in my physical appearance, energy levels, strength and stamina. I now look forward to every session I have scheduled and I THANK the entire team for helping me become the overall fittest I have been in many years.”

We said:

Jim is one of those rare people who reverse motivates us.  His adherence to a lifestyle change is contagious among our members and trainers, making everyone “buy in.”  Jim is always striving to better himself and everyone around him, no matter what.”


*Lost 8lbs total

*Lost 2.5% body fat

*Lost 3.75 inches off waist

*Gained 4.5 total inches on arms and legs


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