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Welcome to the Team: Pete

Welcome to the Team: Pete

Mike Heydt

From the Mgr:

Pete  has been around Fitness Together since I started here in 2011.  He would train with us, and do cardio on his own in preparation for his upcoming sport season.  When Pete popped in to say hi a few months ago, I asked big Pete(the owner), what he was up to, since he just graduated from JMU.  He said that Pete had just got home and had graduated with a degree in Athletic Training...and the light bulb popped on in my head.  Many of our clients currently work through or have had injuries that they need to work around.  This makes Pete the perfect fit here at FT - his ability to correct or reconstruct an individuals movement patterns, and modify any exercise that is too intense for one specific person.  I hope you have the privilege of training with him very soon, so you can see what I'm referring to!



 Fitness and athletics have always been my passion, and an integral part of my health and well-being. I believe that being active is not only important to our physical, but mental health as well. Growing up I was always involved in athletics whether it be football, lacrosse or basketball.  Working with others to achieve a goal has always been something I have been drawn to.  Through 1 on 1 training I hope to help others remain physically active and achieve their goals regardless of age or ability, and I am excited to share my knowledge with you all as your trainer.  

      I studied to become a certified athletic trainer where I learned how to create fitness, cardio and rehabilitation plans as well as identify injuries and create plans around those injuries.  During my studies I learned how to work with a wide variety of individuals from elite athletes to individuals returning from major surgery, so regardless of your current ability I am suited to help you achieve your goals!

I have had the pleasure of training a few of you already and am looking forward to meeting and working with all of you!


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