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Trainer Tips: July 4th BBQ edition

Trainer Tips: July 4th BBQ edition

Michael Heydt B.S.

Crystal Says:

“Skip the buns when you go for those burgers and dogs.  Eat watermelon or other fruits that help fill you up.”


Sal Says:

“No, Crystal.  Load up on carbs and double the cheese.  Start grilling around 7pm, and eat as much as you can…Ramadan Style!” 

(This is funny because Sal is almost through Ramadan, and he eats for the first time each day around 8:30pm)

Silliness aside…

“Starting your hosted party a little later gives you plenty of time to exercise in the early part of the day before the feast.”


Anders Says:

“Skip the BBQ and come train with me at FT.”

     -Anders is working from 7am-1pm on July 4th.


Mike S. Says:

“Hydrate.  Avoid salty foods.  Avoid excess consumption of alcohol.  Don’t let one day become three days of bad eating/drinking.”


Jimmy Says:

“Start hydrating first thing in the morning.  Chicken is leaner than red meat.  Be sure to get some exercise/cardio in the earlier part of the day, before feasting.  Stay away from soft drinks or sugary alcoholic beverages.”

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