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New to the Team: Rob McMillan

New to the Team: Rob McMillan

Mike Heydt

My name is Robert McMillan and fitness and wellness have always been a part of my life. I have been in the fitness realm for over 5 years now as an Exercise Physiologist. Once I completed my Master’s Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, I dove right into the training and rehabilitation area. I trained many individuals with ailments that ranged from cardiac to concussion and from cancer to stokes. Working at outpatient physical therapy clinics also widened my abilities to train many different patients or clients. Helping people has always been my passion. Finding an avenue for anyone to achieve their goals is my main purpose. 

Being involved in sports, specifically ice hockey, taught me to be a team player but also show my teammates and coaches that I can be reliable and driven. I am confident that with the right team and the right training attitude, individuals can be successful on their fitness journey. I know that my continued commitment to my sport and my passion for fitness will make my experience here at Fitness Together incredibly meaningful. 


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